Monday, February 23, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 22

This week we discussed the best time of day for a spanking.

abby: I am rarely asked if I am 'in the mood', and Master feels anytime is a good time for a spanking. My least favorite - early morning wake up spankings. I am not a morning person, and my first reaction is not usually all that welcoming.

Jan: Any time for me, what can I say I am just greedy!

Downunder Don: Mid-morning. A bit of a compromise as I am a very early riser and she likes to sleep late. So mid to late morning we are both awake and alive.

Nina: almost any time is good for me, but I don't like it very early, right after waking up. Due to hubby being at work we have spankings most often in the evening, when there is more time for it. Sometimes it happens when he takes his midday break, but otherwise, any time is nice.

Baxter: On the weekends, we go to our special spanking and sex room in the afternoon. During the week if there is a spanking, it is around 6 pm.

DtBHC: I prefer early evenings and hate early mornings. Just struggle to get settled.

Meredith: I agree with sweet Jan; anytime is fine with me.

Leigh: Anytime is fine with me.

Minelle: Anytime is fine with me, but preferably when we have more privacy!

Dana K: I don't get a say in when it happens. I prefer bedtime spankings. It seems strange, but they usually relax me and I can go right to sleep for a change (I'm an insomniac). Steve would probably say first thing in the morning because I'm softer and haven't been awake long enough to put up barriers. Although when we did our boot camp, I actually found myself liking the morning ones because we started the day connected.

Dr. Ken: Because of my current schedule and other demands on my time, I'm pretty much limited to Saturdays in the afternoon or evening. I wish I could say, "any time is a good time"--and I certainly agree with that as a general statement--but in reality, it's not feasible.

arched one: I get up much earlier than my wife and when she gets up I have her coffee ready and she likes to sit at the computer and wake up. I don't really have a say when one will occur but ours are usually mid-morning.

 Roz: My preference is evening, night time. Morning is my least favourite.

S: Not late evening, because my smarting bot stops me getting to sleep, allthough D likes cuddling up to my hot cheeks in bed. Late morning is better, and I get a thrill afterwards, when I meet someone who has no inkling about the smarting red bottom which lurks beneath my skirt!

Sir Wendel: Anytime is good with me. The misses doesn’t like to get spanked before going for girls night out. I like to give her a good paddling so that she’ll behave while out.

Ronnie: I love to be spanked so any time is good for me.

Six of the best: In my lifetime, I have sometimes spanked a woman's knickers down bare bottom, when we are both very much in the mood. This could be any hour of the day.

Hermione: Afternoons are our usual time for spanking. I wouldn't mind one in the morning, but not too early! Late night doesn't appeal to me; I'm too sleepy by then to enjoy it, but luckily, so is Ron.

Thank you all for your responses. Till next time, stay safe!
 From Hermione's Heart

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