Monday, February 9, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 8

This weekend we discussed locations where we would not like to engage in spanking.

Baxter: I have been spanked in a rental cabin in Idaho, a hotel in Brussels, a rental apartment in Paris, a hotel in Leiden Netherlands, our camper in a national forest in colorado. If my wife deems a spanking is necessary, it doesn't really matter where, just so long as there is some semblance of privacy. In the tent camper, we were about 100 feet from the nearest camper so who knows if they could hear the spatula hitting my bottom.

Simon: There was a time when I would have drawn the line about being punished in front of other people. In the last few years I have been spanked in front of small groups and on one occasion at a party attended by nearly a hundred people. However the other people were there for similar reasons with an interest in spanking. I would still be unhappy about a public spanking witnessed by non-spankers.

Pecan Nutjob: We do not want unwilling spectators (and never had willing ones). That is we do not want to impose the sight or sound of a spanking to family, friends, or strangers.

For instance we don't spank in hotel rooms where you hear the neighbours easily. We don't spank at home if there's any chance the children are awake.

We could do a spanking before other spankos.. but this would be in specific settings. We do not see ourselves attending a BDSM club or spanking party.

The kind of scenario we would like to do is: a woman who we would trust would look at me being spanked by my wife while they would hold a conversation on how I'm a little miscreant in need of a spanking. Or she would see my wife spanked by me. Or would spank herself.

Since we've not come across a fellow spanko who we would befriend and trust enough for that, we've never done it.

Minelle: I am not really sure! Probably not an OTK on a public street!

Dr. Ken: I'd probably avoid museums.... :-)

arched one: I've been spanked in many places both inside and outside. Never in front of anyone.

Nina: I wouldn't want to be spanked in front of my parents or with non--spankos as witnesses.

I think hubby could change some of my reservations concerning non-spankos, but the one about my parents would be a no-no.

Sir Wendel: Wouldn’t spank in front of other people. We did spank in the forest preserves and mountain trails but there was always the concern that someone would stumble across us. I'd like to spank the misses in an office building but it would have to be after hours when no one is around.

Ronnie: Don't think I'd like to be spanked in front of other people though when I read reports of spanking parties, I think I could change my mind if I attended one.

S: Our kitchen is next to the room where we were having a supper party. I went in there, having served up a rather nasty course. D followed me, shut the door, and took off his leather slipper. I knew just what that meant, and pulled up my skirts, before bending down to touch my toes. His slipper certainly stings, but it also make a noise like a thunderclap, and by the time he had well well spanked my nearly-bare bottom, our guests must have known what was going on. I stood up, straightened my skirts, and took my smarting rear back to join them. A soft cushion had been placed on my chair ! I don't know which of my four cheeks was redder!

Jenn: My first idea was to answer "a church". It would be ok to be spanked in a secluded area of a public park of some kind. It would even be fun to get a discreet swat or two while walking in a crowd. I'd like to be spanked in my office while leaning out the open window. I would struggle to avoid wincing or having any sort of audible reaction. I would also like to be spanked in a boat or on a secluded island where I was almost guaranteed that there would be no spectators. That would be cool!

Pecan Nutjob: Sir Wendel, we've done spankings and even sex in forests. The big difficulty is to be absolutely sure there is nobody around, especially for intercourse: it's not that easy to get dressed in a hurry. So it was always an exceptional occurrence.

More often, we've done a few slaps on the butt when we could see nobody was watching.

Hermione: Following Dr. Ken's thought process, I would avoid libraries.

Seriously though, I wouldn't care to be spanked at the home of any of our relatives, old or young. We don't want our families to know what goes on behind closed doors, and I suspect they wouldn't want to know either.

From Hermione's Heart

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