Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Are there any slipper spanking enthusiasts out there? Have you tried spanking, or being spanked, with a Croc?

Crocs are popular in our home. No, not for spanking, only for wearing. We have regular Crocs for outdoor use, Crocs we wear as slippers indoors, and Crocs without holes for gardening. We have real Crocs and knock-off Crocs - Croc-offs - that are just as comfy but a fraction of the price.

Recently Ron wanted to buy me a present, so I suggested a fancy pair of black slippers I saw in a mail-order catalogue.

"Why do you want those?" he asked.

"They'd look pretty when I wear my sexy lingerie for you," I answered honestly.

"That would be a waste of money. You'd only have them on for a couple of minutes."

True. When I dress up to please him, he makes sure I don't stay dressed for long. But somehow, with a black lace teddy, black garter belt and black fishnet stockings, pink Crocs are just so wrong.

Oh well, whatever turns him on.


Anonymous said...

Crocs are useless for spanking. We tried then a while back on my Birthday, they just don't have the impact!

Anonymous said...

If you suggested the slippers as a spanking implement would he see their value then?

I'm just sayin' ......


Michael said...

Fun post, Hermione. "Croc-offs" sounds very smutty, though. LOL

I'm buying a pair of crocs for a woman, but just to wear, not as a spanking implement, well, maybe. ;)


Greenwoman said...

The mental image of crocks with your lingerie...LOL! That was fun. *giggles...*

Hermione said...

RPT - Thanks. that's good to know!

Eva - Quite possibly!

Michael - Sounds illegal too!

Your lady is very lucky. A dual-purpose gift.

Greenwoman - Not a pretty picture, I assure you! The navy ones would be a better choice.


Apple said...

Oh yes, it´s the same thing with the underwear I think.

There´s no need to buy sexy underwear or other nice things because I always just keep them on for a few minutes :(

It´s like this...." Darling look what I bought for you, do you like it?
"Yes it is very sexy, but take it down and lay over my knees!"

The real interesting thing is my butt...that´s the way things are when you are

Kisses Apple

Anonymous said... I hate those darn Crocs! if they are pervertable, that might be their only redeeming factor tho :)


abby williams said...

Hermione, you would get the biggest kick out of Mr. W's desire to find the perfect "spanking slipper." Every time we go out shopping, I end up dragging us to a shoe department, only to have HIM be the one picking up sandal after sandal, seeking the perfect sleek shoe for punishment purposes!

So, Crocs wouldn't make a proper spanking slipper, hmmm? I know what shoe we're shopping for next! :-)


Hermione said...

Apple - butt-men sure do have a one-track mind!

Dave - they aren't pretty, but very easy to keep clean, if you happen to step in something.

Abby - Happy shoe shopping!

Anonymous said...

I have a pair of croc-flops. Most comfy but not a great pervertible. Now the little black flat-flops I found at the bogo have gained Mr. W's attention for their slap factor. I sense a shoe-shopping bogo spank-down coming on!