Monday, July 28, 2008

The Planets are Aligned

In a previous post I described the positions we use for spanking. I'll admit it - that post was a veiled complaint that we hadn't tried very many. In his comment, Paul described an over-the-lap position that sounded just perfect. So I decided that would be my next challenge - to let Ron know somehow that I wanted to be spanked in that position.
As I said in my last post, I have three options: forget the idea, talk about it ahead of time, or just go for it.
I have tried to put it out of my mind, but that hasn't worked! Once I get an idea in my head, it doesn't go away, especially when it's something to do with my favourite pastime.
I was reluctant to bring the subject up for discussion because as you read in the post I mentioned above, I had asked Ron for an OTK and he refused. I can see why, though. Our bed has a very deep mattress and is quite high, and he probably wouldn't be too stable if he were sitting on the edge trying to deal with me. I'm afraid I would end up on the floor. I could explain the alternative, which I think would work pretty well, but he might reject it out of hand.
My third option was to just do it. That has worked well in the past. But it was easier said than done. Week after week I kept on coming up with a valid reason each time for not suggesting it: we were trying out a new implement; I had on something lacy and frilly; we needed a session without anything different going on.
I finally gave myself a stern talking-to. It's your kink, I told myself. You're entitled to say what you need. I spent the next few days working out the logistics and mentally creating plans A, B and C. When the time came for our weekly date, I was pretty nervous, but was going to go through with it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I undressed and slipped into bed.
Ron joined me, we kissed and cuddled, and he gave me a few warmup hand spanks. Then he turned away and reached for our new black leather paddle. Now's your chance. You go, girl. Grabbing a pillow, I propped it up against the headboard, and when he turned to me, paddle at the ready, I patted the pillow and said, "Sit up here. We're going to try something different."
He did as he was told. Get over there before he changes his mind. I practically threw myself across his lap. I didn't have any time to wonder if he was going to protest. WHACK. The first swat landed almost immediately. Then another, and another. So far, so good. I'm afraid I wasn't paying much attention to them, or enjoying either the position or the implement. My mind was still agitated and I felt flustered.
He stopped and rubbed my reddening cheeks. That feels good. Is he okay? I turned my head and looked back at Ron.
"Are you comfortable?"
The swats started again, and I began to notice that they were making a definite impact on my bottom. Then Ron shifted beneath me. Now what? Oh, no! I'm too heavy. I'm crushing him. I lifted myself off his legs and away from him, but then I felt an arm around my waist, and I was firmly pulled back into position. Yes, that's more like it! I looked back again. Oh, I see. Ron was clearly enjoying himself.
I pressed my body snugly against his, then settled in to enjoy myself too. Hey, I like this! It's really a very comfortable - ouch! And Ron thought so too, because he didn't seem in any hurry to stop. The spanking continued for a lot longer than usual.
Eventually Ron was done, the paddle was laid aside, and I felt gentle fingers caressing my bottom and vicinity. I slithered off his lap and into a position more appropriate for enjoying what followed. I took great pleasure in enthusiastically showing my husband how much I had appreciated his cooperation.
When we lay curled together, exhausted, I murmured, "I really enjoyed that."
"Me too."
And that's five.
Our enjoyment of each other didn't stop there. We dressed, went downstairs to start dinner, and suddenly found we had a lot to say to one another. I had been preoccupied all week with my planning for today, and Ron had also had things on his mind. We had been peacefully coexisting, but not interacting much. Now we were talking a mile a minute about all sorts of things. We kept it up through dinner and afterward as we cuddled on the couch and watched television. I couldn't tell you what was on; we were too engrossed in our conversation.
Who knew what a difference a little extra closeness would make?


Anonymous said...

Hermione, we use OTL a LOT. I think the closeness makes a BIG difference! And good for you for pushing thru and going for it!

Michael said...

Lovely, Hermione. So glad all worked out and you both had not only an enjoyable time, but that it brought you closer together after a week of just "coexisting." Very happy for you both, and thanks for sharing such an intimate moment. :)


smith said...

I love otk.....I've only found one top that also liked it. It sounds absolutely lovely and YAY for going for it!v

Paul said...

Hermione, I'm so glad the position worked for you, well done on pushing through.
A comfortable spanking position is important for both partners, especially for good girls which can be protracted, Mel loved it.
Warm hugs,

CJ said...

Way to go Hermoine! Perfect you go girl!!

Glad you both enjoyed yourselves.


Hermione said...

Sara - Every time you described it, I felt jealous!

Michael - My pleasure.

Barbie - It was lovely!

Paul - I'm sure she did love it!

CJ - Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful !!!

Greenwoman said...

I have mighty fond memories of this position with M. Thank you for reminding me of them. *smiles* I've missed reading here the last month. I'll see what I can do about getting caught up.

Hermione said...

Span King - Thank you !!!

Greenwoman - I hope I can build my own collection of memories of it too. I'm glad to see you're back!

Anonymous said...

quick question about your blog, is this a fiction blog about the Harry Potter characters or a real life blog about your spanking lifes?

Hermione said...

Anonymous - It's the latter.

dwcmike said...

Hermione: The best laid plans of mice and men aft gang aglay.
Glad you took the on the spot initiative, instead of talking it out forever,and that Ron enjoyed the experience. [Both partners have to be comfortable.]
The closeness is unbeatable after a spanking and great love making.

Terpsichore said...

So glad you both connected and had an enjoyable time. I have been in that position once and loved it...I may just have to squirm my way there again sometime :-)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous story to re-read. Agree with Mike that just going for it is so much better than talking it to death.