Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Spankos Need Not Apply

Still on the topic of being out with a spanking lifestyle, here's a very timely article. The man in question was fired from his position after his employer found out he had had a one-night stand that included bondage. Was he fired because he strayed, or because of the specific sexual activity involved? It's an interesting read.


dwcmike said...

Hermione: My, you are a busy beaver [Canadian reference to the industrious beaver damming streams and rivers :-)], finding such interesting quotes, or articles. Although totally unfair, hopefully he will be restored as a professor. It is a warning for everyone to not use the company computer for any spanking related readings or writings. Big brother is everywhere, and he does more than spank those he finds disobeying his requests!
be safe everyone

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Hey, so you get the Globe out there on the east coast?

Yeah, when I read that headline, and the story from the day before about Slap Happy Bluebloods (there's a link to it in the middle of the page you've linked to), I thought, hey, one doesn't have to turn to blogs to read about spanking anymore, it's a regular supplement feature in Canada's national newspaper.

Of course the article doesnt' really have much meat to it. But the other article about Slap Happy Bluebloods does show evidence that either the author is not unfamiliar with "the scene", or else that a more than cursory amount of research was done on the subject before putting fingers to keyboard.

And these are not the first spank-friendly stories the Globe has run. I remember one a few months back in the business section about using S&M languaging to understand power dynamics in the workplace. It started something like. "When you're called in for your annual spanking, er, performance review..."

And as for that drivel about using company computers, do you suppose in the olden days they would have made an issue about using company pencils and paper to write love notes to your sweetheart? What are you supposed to do, keep a separate computer at your desk for personal communication? Or are you supposed to limit your existence to being a "tool" of the corporation. I mean, more and more, you're expected to respond to company blackberry messages after hours on what should have been your own time. So the corporate life/personal life bleedthrough should work both ways.

It's been said before that public acceptance of S&M lifestyles is possibly at the point where gay acceptance was at a few decades back. I think there could be some truth to that. And I'm glad this guy is suing for wrongful dismissal because I think he has a case. I'm sure we'll hear more about it in months to come.

PaulH666 said...

I wish my boss would fire me because of something I did outside of work, I could use the money. Sue,him, his boss and the company we work for.

Natty said...

Interesting case. It sounds more like he was fired for using his work laptop to look at bondage porn, which probably wasn't the wisest move. Otoh, do they fire gay faculty for looking at gay porn on their university-issued laptops or sending explicit email to lovers? The question of consistency is certainly pertinent here.

But the other question of whether or not he's been fired for his "aberrant behavior" is particularly troubling as the whole point of tenure is to make sure that you're not fired for holding views that conflict with the mainstream. If that is really why he was fired, then I hope Dr Wightman's lawyers give the University a right spanking. ;-)

Hermione said...

Mike - That's very good advice. We all need to be careful.

Karl - Good to see you again!
Thanks for mentioning the link to the previous article. I missed that.

Paulh666 - Yes, that does sound tempting at times.

Natty - You have posed a couple of very good questions. We may hear more about the case.