Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Canadian, eh?

I saw this on a t-shirt and modified it slightly to include our favourite pastime.

I Am Canadian

I do not travel by dogsled
I am not a fur trader or a lumberjack
I live in the second largest country in the world
I live in a house, not an igloo
Winter only lasts one season
I do not know your second cousin Dave in Moosejaw
Our currency was not based on Monopoly money
The maple leaf is our national symbol
The beaver is our national animal
A loonie is a dollar, not a relative

We are the best spankers in the world!


Indy said...

Not a lumberjack, eh? My vision of you is now completely shattered, Hermione. :-)

You should get to know Dave, though. He's a really good guy. Makes leather implements in his spare time.



You forgot "I will go totally ballistic if you presume I'm from the USA"

Dave throws the best barbeque's, you should get in touch with him.


Paul said...

very funny, my chiropractor is one of the nicest people I know and she is from Canada.
You have every reason to be proud.
Warm hugs,

PK said...

I appreciate the information. Always willing to learn more about my neighbors to the north! I know there are a lot of spankos there so it is obviously a wonderful country. As for you having the world’s best spankers – I won’t give you that. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could have some kind of contest, like the Miss World pageant. Maybe a Mr. Spanker contest. Let’s see about getting that set up.


dwcmike said...

I prefer the Quebecoise version of:" I am NOT Canadien" also the William Shatner version...
I will have to try and find them on my computer and send them to you for a laugh.

dwcmike said...

A last thought, shouldn't you be saying we are spanked by the best spankers in the world...

Hermione said...

Indiana - That reminds me of the Monty Python song, "I'm a Lumberjack and I'm Okay".

Prefectdt - I wouldn't want to offend our American readers. But that Dave is quite talented, isn't he?

Paul - Thank you for the kind words.

PK - I think Bonnie has already written something similar to what you describe. It would be fun to really do it.

Mike - I'm not familiar with those, but I'd love to read them. William Shatner is quite a spanko.

Mike again - Yes, my mistake. I took the easy way out and substituted "spankers" for "hockey players" in the original.


Anonymous said...

i could go for a poutine from Harvey's right now! do you think they deliver to boston?


Hermione said...

LOL! That isn't authentic poutine. The curd has to be so fresh it squeaks when you bite it.


Anonymous said...

ohhh - i love when the cheese is squeaky! i can't even find fake poutine in boston.
i miss swiss chalet gravy and fries too!


Hermione said...

Swiss Chalet chicken is yummy, and the sauce is the greatest!

Maybe they'll deliver.

Anonymous said...

monopoly money? who's getting the last laugh now? ;-}

sixofthebest said...

Hermoine, I love you Canadians, but the only answer that is not entirely correct is Who is the best spanker?. It is I 'six of the best', So 'bottom's up' Hermoine, for you are about to receive from me 'six of the very best' of the cane from me on your bare voluptous bottom.