Friday, July 4, 2008

The View from Here - How Many?

I've read, fascinated, the accounts of various bloggers who have received 48 with the cane, 6 sets of 12 with the hairbrush, 100 with the riding crop, et cetera. Wow! that's no mean feat!

The Fantasy - I would like to be made to count out the strokes, or to hear Ron count them. What would 100 feel like? What about 300?

The Reality - I never think of counting to myself how many I get. Sometimes I plan on trying, but by the time I am in position I am very much in submissive mode, thinking only of the sensations. Even though I am usually such an over-achiever, it simply doesn't occur to me to count. As for counting out loud, Ron has never asked me to, and it doesn't seem appropriate for me to do so unless he directed me to count as part of the scenario. He's never counted out loud, although I suspect he may be keeping track of how many he gives me. 

There was one time, though, the day before a spanking, when I had found the courage to ask for a longer one. (and I'll elaborate on that in an upcoming post.) So when Ron picked up the dogging bat and got things underway, something inspired me to start counting after the first ten or so. And although it isn't a competition, and I won't be telling you the final tally, the number was quite respectably high. (Oh all right, we got into triple digits.) I was quite impressed. And sore. Ron never repeated the length of that spanking, but since then we have been moving towards longer ones, so who knows?


Unknown said...


I had to count on my last birthday and found it hard to keep track when it got high enough and I really wanted to slip into space. So, imagine my trepidation on his birthday a month later, facing a new toy and 5 extra! No counting was required as I guess the novelty of the new toy ruled. I expect I got the full count anyway, but not having to concentrate was a relief. And quit mentioning that dogging bat. El Spanko refers to it occassionally and has made at least one trip to a farm supply store without luck fortunately.

Anonymous said...

I think that counting is a huge distraction. Letting go and experiencing the journey would be preferable.

Greenwoman said...

The only time I"m every required to count is for a birthday spanking. I find counting irritating, but on those occasions its part of the fun. Especially, since I usually resist the counting, making the spanking longer. *grins*

Mostly, I just notice the time and the intensity and the sensations of his implements.

Paul said...

Hermione, the only time Mel had to count were for serious punishments, the counting prevented her escaping into sub-space, this was only for serious infractions, I'm pleased to say this didn't happen very often.
Otherwise the punishment continued until her needs were fulfilled.
Good girl or erotic spankings could go into three figures, but we weren't counting.
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Counting is no fun. I say this as a grown woman who still remembers how much she hated maths! Only in roleplay would I ever consider counting and even then I have to say I don't find it as sexy as just letting go and enjoying the sensations.


Hermione said...

Jo - I have plans for a post that will help El Spanko in his search for that implement that shall not be named.

Span King - I agree, it is distracting.

Greenwoman - Longer is better!

Paul - I can see how counting keeps you out of your own private world.

Elle - I don't care for math either. Counting is fine, but addition during a spanking? Imagine multiplication!!


dwcmike said...

Counting helps distract the person from some of the effects of the spanking, as it allows the person to concentrate on the number, instead of the intensity of the experience. I find that I am quiet during a spanking, and sometimes use counting to avoid the intensity of the spanking. We will hopefully start working on my being more vocal in my reactions to being spanked, and thus, the spanking will be more beneficial.
Thanks for posting an interesting topic.. .