Friday, July 11, 2008

A New Paddle

A few weeks ago I told you about an implement shopping trip that I was planning. Here's what happened.

When I arrived at the conference, the first thing I did was check the agenda for the lunch break. It was an hour and a half long; great, that would give me plenty of time. 

The morning session was very interesting, and I enjoyed chatting with the other delegates at my table, but my mind was still on my lunchtime plans, and a little knot of apprehension formed in my stomach.

At noon we adjourned for lunch. I lined up at the buffet, took my plate back to our table and ate quickly. Then I excused myself, saying I wanted to go outside for some fresh air and exercise. Since the conference was health-related I feared someone would want to join me for a walk, but luckily the rest of the people at the table were content to sit and chat over dessert and coffee. 

Once outside, I took off my name badge which was flapping in the breeze and walked up the street, keeping a lookout for my destination. A few blocks later, I saw it on the opposite side. it looked ordinary and quite inviting. I kept walking until I reached the next set of traffic lights, then crossed over and made my way back towards the shop, keeping up an encouraging commentary to myself so I wouldn't back out. 

I reached the door at last, took a deep breath, and opened it. I found myself in a room full of very attractive leather garments. The implements were not, of course, the first thing a person would see upon entering. I finally found a large selection as I browsed through the store to the back. They were attractively displayed in a long row on the wall, but were out of reach behind the sales counter and cash register. I could look but not touch.

That was when a sales associate I'll call Max appeared, and asked if he could help me. He seemed quite friendly, and when I told him I was interested in the implements, he led me behind the counter so I could have a closer look. 

The first item I took down from the wall was gorgeous. I'm not sure what it was called, and I've never seen anything like it before. Made of various thin strips of coloured leather braided together, it had a handle, a few tails, and some knots. it looked much too severe for me, but oh, I wanted it!

"It's beautiful!" I gushed, then searched for the price tag. "Yikes!"

"Yes, it's expensive," Max agreed. "But it's a work of art."

That did it. All my apprehension disappeared. I was clearly in a place where I belonged. Together, we went through the rest of the implements. I would take one down and inspect it, and Max would explain its special features. He was so informative, so matter of fact, and so enthusiastic about the subject that I was very glad I had come. 

I don't remember the details of everything I saw. There were leather floggers and straps, some with ball bearings for added weight. There were wooden paddles in all sizes, shapes and colours. Some had two different surfaces "for a variety of sensations," Max explained

There was one paddle coated with what I thought was sandpaper, but Max said it wasn't. The sand would wear off in time if sandpaper was used, so the substance was actually the same surface used on skateboards. I had to take his word for that! Then Max laughed, leaned closer and said in a stage whisper, "We call this one the hair remover." 

Then there was the paddle made of bulletproof plexiglass. And of course - my heart's desire - the leather paddles. I couldn't make up my mind about shape or colour, they were all so appealing.

"It's so hard to decide on just one. This will give me an excuse to come back," I grinned. 

"You don't need an excuse," said Max. "Come back any time." Wasn't that nice?

I finally settled on a black, rectangular-shaped leather paddle. As I handed over my credit card, Max asked where I was from. I told him, then added, "We don't have this sort of thing there."

"Sure you do," countered Max. "You just can't buy them anywhere."

I laughed. Of course he was right! 

I took my new implement, wrapped and enveloped in a plastic bag emblazoned with the name of the store, and left. Once outside, I pulled a folded nylon tote bag out of my pocket and stuffed my purchase into it. Then I returned to the conference centre for the afternoon session.

Before I took my seat at the table, I tucked my paddle, in its double wrapping, into my knapsack which I had left behind when I went out. During the afternoon I glanced at it several times, thinking of the lovely secret hidden within. When the others left the table for coffee during a break, I actually unzipped the top and peeked in at my lovely leather friend, concerned that it might be folded and creased or otherwise uncomfortable. I stroked it briefly, settled it in, and thought about how it would feel when we used it in play. What fun to have a secret! Then I got out my Blackberry and typed a message to Ron, telling him I had bought something special for him to enjoy using on me. 

The rest of the day passed, and I did my best to listen and participate, but I couldn't wait to get home. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.


Mistress Ragan said...

The establishment you describe sounds suspiciously like Northbound Leather. If so, it is indeed a wondrous place. I was there in 1999 and purchased a wonderful leather paddle that I still have and still love to use and have it used on me. When I saw that you were Canadian, it seemed even more likely that this was that extra special store. I live in Tennessee and have friends that live in Oshawa but I haven't been able to visit in a while. So, here is their website for your other readers - Even if you aren't describing Northbound, it's worth a visit to the website to see all the wonderful toys!!

Enjoy your purchase!

Anonymous said...

A thoroughly delightful narrative. Because of your skill as a storyteller I experienced your excitement and shared in the fun. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Awe... come on!! Share the rest!! My libido needs to hear it!!!

So where's this store?? I'd love to see check it out!!!!


Paul said...

Hermione,excellent post, I can feel your excitement.
Now describe your feelings when Ron used on your derrière, please.
Warm hugs,

PK said...

This post just made me feel happy. Can you imagine explain this this shopping trip to a vanilla firend. Yet everyone here understand completely what fun you had shopping and once you got home. I love being part of this community!


Michael said...

Lovely post, Hermione, and lovely leather paddle. Like Span King said, because of your expertise with words I experienced your excitement, fun and that naughty feeling of having a spanko secret in a room full of vanillas. You reminded me of a kid jumping around on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to bring all the loot. I bet Ron makes a good Santa. :)


dwcmike said...

Wonderful description of your feelings when purchasing a new spanking implement... Can't wait to hear how effective it was, and how much you love/hate it...
bottoms up

Bonnie said...


Oooo, what fun! And you didn't even tell us the best part. How do you and Ron like your new acquisition?


grace said...

Wow, so brave to go there by yourself!

I think you forgot the rest of the story though! How is it?



That's a nice classy looking toy. Isn't it nice having something new that feels special.


Hermione said...

Mistress Ragan - Welcome! And thanks for the link.

Span King - I'm glad you liked it.

Eva - What's to tell?
Repeat until desired redness is achieved.

Paul - I do have a story in the works that features this very implement.

PK - No, I can't imagine explaining to a vanilla. And I love this community very much.

Michael - Yes, Ron looks good in red!

Mike - believe me, it's effective!

Bonnie - It's leather, of course I like it! Details at 11:00. Stay tuned.

Grace - It was scary, but now I'm looking forward to going back. And no, I didn't forget the rest. It was unforgettable.

Prefectdt - It's good to have a new toy that's meant for one thing only.


Natty said...

I remember how intimidated I was to go into a local fetish shop the first time, and then surprised at how warm and friendly the sales people were. I'm glad you had a similar experience.

And I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to pay attention at that conference afterward! Ooof!