Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Not Tested on Animals

When I shop for health and beauty products I always try to choose ones that have not been tested on animals. While in a department store recently I noticed an attractive hairbrush display and stopped to get a closer look.
The brushes were made of wood, with natural bristles--not that I cared about that--and was just the right size. I turned it over and read the plastic packaging that surrounded it. "Not tested on animals."
Huh? Does that mean that no bunnies were spanked during the manufacturing of this hairbrush? Did they test it on human bottoms instead? Or synthetic ones?
Their website doesn't indicate "no animal testing" on any of their products, as far as I could tell. (They do have a nice assortment of bath brushes and backscratchers, though.)


marina said...

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Greenwoman said...

No animal testing...but what are the bristles made from? LOL!

Cigi said...

Hermione, that made me laugh...picturing bunnies getting spanked to test the brush...maybe it means no animals were brushed with the brush?

Ahhhh...I'm gonna shut up now...not making any sense...must have coffee....


fanny said...


Did you notice, they have a department called "implements". What a hoot! Thanks for a fun post...Spanking little bunnies...too funny!

Hermione said...

Greenwoman - They're natural bristles, so I think boar. Good point!

Cigi - Welcome! Possibly it's just something stamped onto every label whether it makes sense or not.

fanny - Yes, I did notice that, and hoped that my readers would too.