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From the Top Shelf - Peach II

The Punishing of Pauline Peach by Alison North continues. (If you missed it, here's part one.)

Pauline has taken a job at a massage parlour, and in a short time has mastered the art of giving massages - and more - to her male clients. I found this passage intriguing because it is one of the rare instances of non-punishment spanking that acknowledges the erotic sensations that that activity can unleash.

"Any extras?" Pauline asked, three-quarters of an hour and one 'straight' client later.
"How much do you charge for a little light spanking?" The rather pleasant young man inquired.
She blushed and looked at her feet. "Who's spanking who?" She mumbled after a moment.
"Oh, me spanking you, of course. Nothing kinky."
"I see. Well, I don't know." She blushed again. "How much do you normally pay?"
"I've never done it before. I must say I simply don't have a clue. I just fancied the idea - it came to me while I was lying here watching your lovely rear end swishing about in the mirror. Watching it wriggle this way and that as you massaged me. It's a really beautiful shape, you know. So inviting."
"Thank you," she giggled, colouring even more.

"I just like the thought of having it over my knee and smacking it two or three time. Have you ever been spanked before? By your boyfriend, I mean?"
"I don't think I'd better answer that one."
"I'm sure you have," he enthused. "With a sweet little bottom like that, I don't think many men could resist it. So then, how much are you willing to take?"
"Oh, well, I depends on the lightness of the spanking..."
"Okay, let's say I put you over my knee and smack you six times, like this."

He reached out and slapped the bed quite tamely. Really nothing more than a good, firm pat, she said to herself. Nothing to worry about. Not after some of the things her poor posterior had been obliged to suffer in the past.

"Oh, well, I'd have thought that ten pounds was about right," she murmured, trying hard to keep a straight face.
"Done!" He cried eagerly, pulling a chair out into the middle of the room and taking his ease. "That seems like a very fair deal to me."

She settled herself daintily over his lap, wriggling forward until her bottom formed the apex of her pose. She'd keep her gown on this time...and just let him lift it up. That way she'd be semi-respectable at least. Her top would still be under wraps, even though her bottom would be somewhat over-exposed...

He gasped at the sight of the tiny white knickers stretched so tautly across the fullest part of her hips. "I've never seem anything so pretty!" He enthused. "Your bottom's so perfect that it simply takes my breath away." He slid his right hand under the seat of the little knickers, savouring the creamy-smooth texture of the flesh beneath. Slowly he peeled the white satin garment a few inches down towards her knees, leaving it clinging across her upper thighs. Then he returned his hand to the luxury of her buttocks, stroking and caressing them tenderly in turn...

He drew a beep breath and held it, at the same time raising his hand well above his head. He stared hard at the immaculate oval cheeks. At their pale pink plumpness and perfect shape. How he longed to imprint them! How he longed to make his mark! Their sauciness was just overwhelming. His head was starting to spin.

He slapped hard at one cheek and then the other. Far harder than he'd meant. Certainly far harder than he'd indicated to Pauline. As she wriggled and squealed, he struck twice more in very much the same way, slap-bang across the middle of each bouncing, upturned cheek.

"Ouch!" She yelped as he struck again and then again. And then again after that. "What do you think you're doing? You said only six times. That was what you said."
"I meant six times on each side."
"No you didn't! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Hey! Ouch! That hurts! Oh! Oww! Ouch!"

"I'm sorry," he mumbled, suddenly realizing he'd overdone it, and dropping his hand to his side. "I just got carried away."

She closed her eyes and wriggled her hips, rubbing her groin firmly into the hard, hairy male thighs over which she was folded so snugly. The familiar feeling of vulnerability, coupled with intimate closeness, was making her insides glow even more warmly than the cheeks of her bottom. It was always this way, she sighed to herself. Always this way, the moment the initial shock had started to pass. She was enjoying the smooth, gentle way in which he was making amends by stroking her bottom better. She'd just lie here a little bit longer and enjoy it some more...

"I'm sorry," he whispered again.

She wriggled again, by way of reply, feeling comfortable and close as his hand continued to soothe. It was so nice like this, snuggled sexily into his lap and sandwiched so sweetly between hard male hand and thigh.

Eventually she clambered up from his knee. "It could be worse," she giggled, rubbing a hand over the centre of each blushing cheek. "You just took me by surprise, that's all. Otherwise I'd have been ready for you."
"Your bottom looks beautiful like that," he breathed enthusiastically, gazing at the mirror reflection of her nicely coloured cheeks. "I'm really sorry I hurt you."
'It's okay," she giggled again. "It just stings a lot to begin with. But now I'm feeling all sexy and warm."

He looked down at his long, stiff weapon. "I wish I had a bit more money," he muttered, shuffling his feet. "I could certainly do with a spot of relief."
"So could I," she breathed softly.

I'll leave you wondering how they resolved their mutual predicament.

From Hermione's Heart



£10.00 to spank a girl, This book must be very old :-)


Hermione said...

Prefectdt - IT was published in 1999.


ronnie said...

LOL, I was thinking the same as Prefectdt, I wonder how much she charged for the massage.

Thanks Hermione.

Hermione said...

Ronnie - perhaps it was just meant to show how inexperienced she was at being a professional. Interesting nonetheless.