Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday WIN

These look like they might be a lot of fun on Valentine's Day. Isn't it amazing what they sell in dollar stores these days?

And after a good bottom-warming, what could be nicer than some cool bum-cubes, lovingly applied to the heated area?

From Hermione's Heart


Janet said...

The cuffs look like fun!!! And the ice cubes would work well on a warm tush.
Isn't the dollar store fun! I found a heart shaped wand with a long handle that would make a perfect Valentines day paddle and of course they always carry the stand by ping pong paddles and bath brushes. LOL.
Great post.

ronnie said...

LOL Hermione, I was just looking at a pair of handcuffs just like them on ebay.

We have 99p stores in the UK but I never find anything fun.


Elysia said...

You left me with smiles after reading your last two posts. I was planning to make some cookies for dinner on Sunday. Now the idea is in my head, and I will have to sneak a few of those cookies aside to turn upside down and decorate according to your photo and save for Hubby and I for later in the evening! He would really love those cuffs too! Alas, the cubes I have not yet needed, but imagine how "great" they might feel. Thanks for the smiles. Happy Valentine's Day!
Wishing you Bliss,

Hermione said...

Janet - I've seen some hearts on sticks like the one you described. Dollar stores can be so kinky!

Ronnie - We have a wide range of dollar stores, but this one is the best, for obvious reasons! I hope the ones on eBay aren't too expensive.

Elysia - Welcome! I hope you and your husband enjoy the cookies and "other" Valentine goodies together.


Anonymous said...

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Hermione said...

Anonymous - I'm sorry, but I don't have an Opera browser on my computer. Sorry the template doesn't work for you.