Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Win

My last Guess the Implement post featured a wooden paddle as a keychain.

Here are two more keychains that could serve a dual purpose.

These thumbcuffs were a giveaway from one of the vendors at a trade fair I visited last year. Much better than a pen or a tote bag.

This little flogger couldn't make much of an impression on a bottom, but it indicates your predilections to the world when it hangs from your rear-view mirror.

From Hermione's Heart


Janet said...

Those are both perfect. I too have thumb cuffs they are too funny. My son is a police officer so I got them for him as a joke.

As for the mini flogger where did you get it??? I love it! I will have to make one or perhaps a baby loopy johnny would be fun! These are definitely wins!

Florida Dom said...

Those are two key chains that should be popular in this lifestyle. Thanks for sharing.


ronnie said...

Oh yes Hermione both definitely winners, good find.

Please tell us where you got the mini flogger, I'd love one.


Hermione said...

Janet - An office mate got a pair too, and explained to me what they were. I'd never seen thumbcuffs before.

FD - I hope to see more of them around.

Ronnie - I found the flogger in an adult store. They had a large selection of small items - stocking stuffers? - but most were not BDSM-oriented. I was glad I spotted it.


Ann said...

Is the flogger made out of a thick string? It looks like embroidery floss, 3 beads, a D ring and a split ring. I think I've helped make some like it.

Hermione said...

Ann - The flogger is actually made of tiny rubber strands, about the thickness of embroidery cotton.