Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sugar with Spice

It's amazing how many seemingly innocent candies and chocolates carry spanko or other kinky innuendos. The major supermarkets don't seem to carry them, but if you search in out-of-the way places, they're plentiful. Here are a few that I've come across recently.

Anything to do with belts gets my juices flowing. Especially zangy ones. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the flavour of this candy. Yuck.

Whipping and Valentine hearts go together so well! And believe it or not, this treat was quite delicious.

I have only one word for this confection. Oxymoron.

Every girl likes a little tingle now and then. And when it's a chocolate tingle, that's even better.

What I wonder about is how this candy sneaked across the border. In Canada, all products must be labeled in French as well as English. Why is there Spanish text on the wrapper?

Not kinky, but definitely sexist. Whaddya mean, not for girls? I fully expected this macho bar to be at least 85% cocoa, but you know what? It was milk chocolate. Must be for girlie men.

From Hermione's Heart


Elysia said...

I had a great laugh and had to run to my cupboard to scrounge for chocolate as I am a avid chocoholic and I really needed a fix after reading your post. Thanks for the fun, and yes the chocolate was delicious, so thanks for that too!

Daisychain said...

Aww, Hermione, the research you must have forced yourself to do!
Hahaha, very good post.

In the UK, we have a show called Deal or no deal.... where the whole idea is, as the host says, to "SPANK THE BANKER!!!
All the way through the show they talk about giving the banker a good spanking... they mean metaphorically, of course, but it gets me all tingly when I hear it said!!! And I wonder if the host is a secret spanko, since he introduced the idea.....
Hugs, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

turiya said...

LOL... in this house it's the woman who can handle the dark chocolate and the men who can't... Besides dark chocolate is the best. Maybe that's why it's labelled for men only... cause the good stuff is meant for women. ;)


ronnie said...

Hi Hermone, Thanks for the laugh, good post.

It's one of my favouriter subjects chocolate :) I'm the only one in our house that eats chocolate and it has to be dark.

Not seen the Yorkie bar, will have to keep my eyes open for it.


PS - Daisy I can't imagine Noel Edmonds being a spanko

Hermione said...

Elysia - Any time I can help a fellow chocoholic....

Daisy - I've heard of that show, but didn't know about the spanko talk. You must love watching it.

Spirited One - Mine too. the darker the better for me. So I think you must be right.

Ronnie - We both eat chocolate, though neither of us likes white chocolate, although I can force myself :-)