Sunday, February 28, 2010

From the Top Shelf - Serving Time, Part I

This excerpt is from Serving Time by Sarah Veitch. Fern has been convicted of arson and has a choice - 10 years in prison or a shorter but undetermined period of time at a reformatory that uses special methods to reform its inmates. She chooses the latter, and her bottom is in for it.
Right away, in fact. The first spanking happens as she is being transported to the facility.

Fern looked up as a key grated in the iron door of her cell. It swung slowly inward.
"Right, let's teach you some discipline," said a familiar voice.
She looked beyond the court officer and saw Dr. Marshall standing there. He held out a pair of handcuffs.
"Surely that's not necessary?" Fern said, quickly putting her arms behind her back. She was much too classy for this!
"Only till we get you in the van," the police psychiatrist replied.
"As you wish."
"Hands in front. Good girl, that's it."
She winced as he clicked the cold grey cuffs in place.

Carefully maintaining her balance, she followed the officer and the psychiatrist to the van. She was helped in by two solicitous hands on her elbows and seated on the long low bench that ran the length of one wall... Dr. Marshall sat down next to her and she held out her cuffed slim wrists.

"Please take them off." She tried to make it sound as if she were talking about her panties or her lace blouse rather than the handcuffs ...
She watched Dr. Marshall's hands as they slid the small key into the lock and freed her. He had large hands, authoritative hands...The van turned a corner sharply, giving her the excuse she required to seduce the doctor. Quickly she fell against him, letting her nearest hand land half over his inner thigh and partway over his cock.

"Whoops!" She said breathlessly. She made as if to take her palm away and let her eyes widen, holding his gaze... She felt the primeval knowledge and power quicken within her as his manhood twitched then lengthened through his suit trousers under her hand. She looked up at him through mascara-dark lashes, smiled, and waited. Waited for him to take her in his arms.

Instead, in one movement that left her confused and breathless, he pulled her over his knee, so that her arms and legs were lying stretched along the van's hard seat, fully supported. "You're about to receive your first reformatory spanking," he said.

"But I haven't done anything!" Fern protested, trying to scrabble back.
The man held her firmly by the waist, keeping her helplessly in position. "Attempting to seduce an official for personal gain is a moral offense in our punishment book...The case notes we have, suggested you'd try to use your sexuality for non-sexual purposes."
"I'm sorry! Okay?"
Maybe if she appeased him he'd let her get up from his lap. Lying here like this was so humiliating.

"Let's lift this skirt up before I spank you," Dr. Marshall murmured, starting to peel away the smooth black linen from her nether cheeks.
"Spank me? You can't!" Fern muttered, reaching a hand back to swipe his away.

She opened her mouth in surprise as he grabbed hold of that same wrist and clipped the handcuff on, then brought the other wrist down before her and did likewise. Now her hands were fastened in front of her and she couldn't protect her poor bum.

"Time for a long sore lesson," Dr. Marshall continued. Fern stared at the seat of the vehicle as she felt him pushing up the lined fabric of her skirt until he tucked the hem under her armpits. She felt the cool air on the naked stretch of thigh above each stocking top.
"As it's your first offence since being sentenced to serving time, I'll just spank you over your pretty pants," the police psychiatrist said.

"Gee, thanks," Fern mumbled, anxious as ever to pretend she wasn't grateful or intimidated. She wouldn't give the bastard the satisfaction of knowing she was out of her depth.
Dr. Marshall stroked her buttocks through their thin cotton coating until she wriggled with fear and anticipation. "You'll be punished shortly for that unnecessary piece of insolence," he said.

To be continued...

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Elysia said...

That's a great story Hermione, when it will continue? I'm dying here.
The picture is just too funny! Fern huh?

Hermione said...

Elysia - As a matter of fact, the next installment comes out tomorrow.

The picture? Call it artistic licence.


ronnie said...

Ithink I'd like to read this this book Hermione, thanks.

Look forward to next installment and yes I agree with Janet, great picture.


Hermione said...

Ronnie - It's amazing what you find on Google. I think the picture was a lucky find.