Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Book Worth Reading

I stumbled upon an interesting book at this online site. The accompanying summary sounds exciting. Here it is, exactly as it appears on the website:

"Sabina and "Joyce", et al. (Anonymous). HARD HAND-STRONG PADDLE WILL SPANK (ANECDOTES ON SPANKING AND DISCIPLINE ALSO LETTERS AND CORRESPONDENCE). Jersey City, NJ. ND.: Diana Press, Inc., 8vo. Stapled Illustrated Wrappers. Erotic Literature. Very Good -. 65pp, 5 b&w illustrations + covers. Featuring striking front and back cover illustrations, this is a simply produced collection of typewritten tales, anecdotes and correspondence from sixties-era fetish publisher Diana Press aimed at the literate spanking aficionado. A most presentable copy showing some light overall wear and soiling to the covers.

I wonder what caused the light wear and soiled covers.

From Hermione's Heart


ronnie said...

You find some interesting books Hermione. Are you going to buy it? If so I hope you share some extracts from it.

Enjoy your long weekend.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Good find! "Back then" most erotic reading of any kind could be found in pulp books. Some were a bore, others had their pages soiled. I have kept one from that era. It has a few pages that I still enjoy reading every few years.

Hermione said...

Ronnie - No, I hadn't planned to order it, but I might drop in and see how much it costs.

OBB - I wonder how many more like it there are still out there.


Underling said...

:) I'm not averse to buying second hand, but when it comes to erotica you do have to consider where it's 'been'! I'm always gratified to see how much spanking-related material is available at the big online booksellers like Amazon. But I don't often pluck up the courage to order it!

Red said...

Soiled, because probably hiiden away from anyone ever finding it except the owner...REd

Hermione said...

Underling - If you do, be careful, because they send you emails with suggestions based on previous purchases. Fine, unless someone might accidentally see the subject line of those emails. And DON'T create a wish list. It's Googleable.

Red - Ewwwww! (Imagining where it was hidden!)