Sunday, September 19, 2010

You Completed the Caption

I knew this intriguing picture would generate some off-the-wall captions. Here they are:

Bogey and Bacall
- He has stepped away for a minute and she thinks it will be fun to hide. Of course, she knows she will pay for her mock rebellion.

Mitch - He'll never find the paddle in that pile, but I better scram anyway.

Ronnie - I thought it would be a good time to escape my spanking but now I'm in big trouble, I'm stuck and I can hear him coming.

Mick - Me escape? I was just looking for your favorite paddle, sir.

Prefectdt - Stay here and get a warmed back side or escape and freeze outside? Oh I do wish that I had remembered to bring some clothes!

Red - It looks like the daughter of Santa Claus, coming to bring you a pre-Christmas present.

Michael - Why do we have to hide the toys up here? We could keep them in a chest in the bedroom like everyone else.

Hermione - I've got to change into my my blue socks before he gets back. Now where did I put them?

From Hermione's Heart


s. said...

haha! That's a GREAT picture!!


Hermione said...

S - Welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it.