Sunday, September 5, 2010

You Completed the Caption

Here are your creative interpretations of the conversation taking place in the picture:

Karl - "And then I burned his toast. And you know what that means....

His mom gave us this souvenir paddle that says, among other things, that it's to be used on wives who burn the toast. Would you believe he takes that literally. That's why I am standing here right now.

So what's with the rest of you. Why aren't YOU sitting?"

SixoftheBest - "The best spanking I've ever had in my life, is when 'Six of the best' took my knickers down, and walloped my naked rear end good. Painfully good. Next week when I invite him over, he will gladly bring the same painful joy to your bare bottoms."

Michael - "And then I found this magazine at the back of his drawer. It has pictures of women spanking men on their bare bottoms. What do you girls think I should do about it?"

Red - "Would you believe it that he came home and had stopped for a drink without any concern that our dinner would be burned, and then, although he profusely apologized, I had him remove all the clothes he was wearing, and I spanked his bottom until it displayed a fire engine red, certainly a spanking he will not soon forget, and another bad habit that will not be repeated."

Lorraine - "..And then I hid all his furniture in my shoulder pads and came straight here."

Welcome, Lorraine.

Ronnie - "I just couldn't resist it, thought it a real bargain but Bill didn't think so when he found the receipt and then I was made to bend over the chair while he spanked me with hand. It was worth it, the ring is lovely, isn't it?"

Barely Pink - "...and then I took his hand, like this, and said, 'Why darling, this is sufficiently hard. Please put that silly paddle away.' Anyone care for more tea?"

Hermione - "And then I hid his TV remote, and wouldn't tell him where it was until he spanked me hard."

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the welcome! My caption was just silly, I'm sure I'll do better next time.

Unknown said...

Lorraine, your caption made me LOL for real.