Monday, September 13, 2010

Romantic Fiction for Fall

It's been a while since I explored works of romantic fiction for spanking scenes, but I happened across a stack of Johanna Lindsey novels and thought I'd try my luck.

The first one I examined, So Speaks the Heart, was an inspired choice. Set in France in 972 A.D., it had plenty of percussive talk and action.

The story is about Brigitte, a young woman done out of her rightful inheritance by her aunt, an evil woman who has designs on the estate after her brother-in-law dies. In true Cinderella fashion, wicked Aunt Druoda forces her niece to give up her fine clothes and toil as a servant. She tries to arrange a marriage between Brigitte and a wealthy but elderly landowner. When the girl refuses and runs away, she is apprehended by Rowland, a handsome knight who understandably thinks she is a runaway serf. He returns her to her aunt, who has her beaten for trying to escape.

Druoda gives her maid Hildegard her orders.

"I have something more important for you to do," Druoda said, glancing venomously in the direction of Brigitte's quarters. "The girl almost succeeded in escaping today, even with those fools I hired to prevent it. If not for the knight, she would have succeeded, and all we have achieved would be lost even now."

"You want her beaten?"

"Severely. Be sure to bind her mouth. I do not want the whole manor to know about it, but I want her to suffer as much pain as possible so that she will be in no condition to escape again. Do not draw blood. Wilhelm would not want his bride marred." Druoda smiled at her old friend. "I am sure he will take pleasure in marring her himself, if what I have heard about him is true."

So Brigitte is betrothed to a man who takes pleasure in inflicting pain. This could be interesting. I hope she stops this running away nonsense and agrees to the marriage. But I digress.

Brigitte lay motionless on her pallet, letting her tears fall freely. But crying only made her muscles jerk and the slightest movement was agony.

She still could not believe what they had done to her. She had only just finished washing her muddy clothes when Hildegard and the two guard burst into her room. She was stripped of her worn gown and gagged, and did not even have time to feel humiliated at being exposed to the two men before she was thrown face down on the mat and held fast by the guards. And then came the pain, as Hildegard let loose with her leather strap. It was as if fire licked across her back each time the strap came down, and she could do nothing but cry out against the gag in her mouth. She lost consciousness before she felt the last blow, and when she awoke she found herself alone, still naked.

She began to cry again, but only for a moment. She could not give up!

It doesn't look promising for her intended bridegroom. In fact, Brigitte has a fondness for escaping, regardless of where she is or whom she is with. But more about that next time. Yes, there is more spanking in this novel. Quite a lot, actually. And I'll share it all with you here.

From Hermione's Heart


ronnie said...

What a wicked aunt. I bet she will eventually escape and end up in the arms of Rowland but it seems not before she is forced to marry Wilhelm.

Look forward to more from this book Hermione.


Hermione said...

Ronnie - there are many twists and turns in this book. I think you'll enjoy the conclusion.


Unknown said...

I was absolutely addicted to Lindsey in high school, scouring the pages for any spanking reference. I remember this one in particular!

There was another one...set in Winter and involving Vikings, I think. I need to dig that out! (Of course I kept them.)

Thanks for posting this! Excellent, raunchy work.

allie said...

Awwww...thanks for reminding me of the Lindsey books! I have read most of them as they were released. Would be fun to go back and read the 'best' parts again :0
Another author that had a few scenes is Bertrice Small and Kathleen Woodiwiss. My books would fall open to the best parts from being read so often!

Hermione said...

BP - I think I've read that Viking one. Or maybe there were several.

Allie - I will check out those authors in the used book store, and test the books for the auto-open feature.


Ty said...

The story seems great but I really loved the Barbies! :)

Daisychain said...

Interesting book, Hermione, thanks...look forward to the next bit! xxxxxxxx