Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Treat for Ron

Ron's birthday is coming up soon. If I gift wrap myself like this, do you think he'll forget about the wide screen TV that he was hoping I'd buy him?

From Hermione's Heart


Sara said...

I'm thinking a both-and rather than an either-or would be a win-win. Hope he has a happy birthday!

ronnie said...

LOL. There's no doubt about it Hermione of course Ron would forget. Personally I think you should do that, what a lovely gift for him. Note to self remember that one for P's birthday next year.

I hope Ron has a lovely day.


Anonymous said...

It'd work for me, at least for a half hour or so.

Hermione said...

Sara - You mean I still have to go shopping? Sigh!

Ronnie - The gift-wrapping is easy, anyway. No paper to throw away. I hope P enjoys it too.

Mick - And then the Big-screen longing would start again. I know when I'm beaten.


Erica said...

Pardon my being crass, honey, but if Ron indeed has, er, male equipment and a pulse, then yes, that gift-wrap will do it. :-)


Just get one of those triangular, red stickers that says "wide screen full 1080p HD Plasma" and stick it on your right buttock. He'll never notice the difference :)


Hermione said...

Erica - I hoped it might. Although he can't watch football on my bottom.

Prefectdt - I'll try it and let you know if it works.


Rachel said...

I know aj would as there isn't anything on tv to compare to an opposite sex member's beautiful moons. Just make sure he wakes up to them and access every time he thinks of tv. Best wishes for a wonderful Birthday.

Anonymous said...

You are the good wife! As long as he knows there's no confusion about what the remote controls... have a great celebration.

Hermione said...

Rachel - He definitely wakes up to them every morning. Thanks for the good wishes.

EMW - A remote control for my bottom - what a concept!

Daisychain said...

More to the point, would he dare be disappointed with the alternate gift?? hahaha... xxxxxx

Unknown said...

Buy him the wide screen tv. Life is too short to leave the money in the back. Also purchase a new spanking implement as your reward. Expect to have both used often. However, have him help in the decision, so many false bargains exist, and you want quality!
(happy birthday Ron)