Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pain Hurts

It does? Really? Tell me something I didn't know.

From Hermione's Heart


Beth said...

Oh wow! This was news to me. I learn something everyday. :)

ronnie said...

Well I didn't know that :)


Em said...

LOL, I see we're frequenting the same websites. I had that set aside for a future LOL Monday :)

I remember when I was younger I would pass a pain institute on my way to school each day. I was always fascinated by what might be going on inside that building!

Mitch said...

wow. And think, someone probably paid a lot of money to reach that conclusion!

Scunge said...

Well as someone who is in pain most of the time with the disease fibrmyalgia you do sometimes need hints in the management. Just saying,oh and spanking REALLY helps there but um I'm not sure that the medical people REALLY want that known! ;)

Erica said...

Yes, and itches itch, too. Amazing how that works.


I must get a copy of that leaflet, just in case I forget :)


Anonymous said...

I saw quite an interesting sign a couple of days ago. It was a warning not to enter the military area. It said: Entering the area without proper permission may cause you a pain of punishment.



Hermione said...

See how educational these blogs can be at times?


Unknown said...

We learn something new everyday. imagine. LOL Manage pain, have a compassionate spanker as a partner.

Anonymous said...

Well instead of having the apple and other food shown on the pamphlet, wouldn't it be better to show a wooden paddle and a reddened bottom (with stars) in that quadrant?