Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday WIN

This week I'm showing you a product that could equally qualify as a Friday FAIL. Called Cool Shapes, they are shorts with several pockets to hold ice packs. The idea is that you put a frozen pack in the pocket on your tummy, your hips, and your bottom. Then the fat supposedly freezes off, leaving you slim and trim.

Yes, you would literally "freeze your butt off"! So why is it a Wednesday WIN? The possibility of wearing these shorts after a vigorous bottom-warming was too good not to share as the positive feature of this garment.

From Hermione's Heart


Unknown said...

Freezes the fat off? Call me skeptical.

But the other use...yes, that is a win!

ronnie said...

I much prefer your use Hermione :)


Anonymous said...

What a find for naughty ladies with sore bottoms to attend to!


Sara said...

Hmmm, I'd say these would be a good investment!

Anonymous said...

I wish these worked- either to sculpt bums or tums or to protect a burning bottom from a Top assult.


Erica said...

Freezes the fat off???? Yup, and if you eat half a grapefruit before indulging in a triple chocolate brownie sundae, they cancel each other out. And there is life on Uranus.

turiya said...

Yes, I agree that your use for those shorts is much more practical (and realistic). I think for their intended purpose they'd be as effective as those machines that were supposed to shake the fat off... you know the ones I mean that were used back in the 50's?



Daisychain said...

The inventor probably invented them for just the purpose we want them for, but couldn't SAY that, after all, we all know how we are vilified when we "come out" to the public.... so he/she devised this ingenious pretend purpose for them, knowing the intelligent spankos would cotton on, and the dumb vanillas wouldn't dream of the real use for it!!!!!!!! ROFLMAO xxxxxxxxxx (just kidding, vanillas, just kidding!!!)

Hermione said...

barely pink - Me too.

Ronnie - IT seems quite appropriate.

Aristotle - You saw it her first, folks!

Sara - I agree.

Poppy - Probably don't work in either case.

Erica - You mean all that grapefruit I've been eating has been wasted? And yes, the there is life in my ...

Turiya - Yes, I do remember those. Like vibrating Spanx.

Daisy - Oh, that's a wonderful theory!


turiya said...

LMAO @ Daisy... I love that explanation!

Anonymous said...


That´s too good!

Hermione, where in Earth you find all these cheesy things?!

I must love them ;-)


Unknown said...

Aw!!! but you want to feel the burn.... FAIL!!red

Ty said...

I have a feeling their sales are going to have a significant increase in the next few weeks ;)

Hermione said...

Maria - I found it quite by accident. By the way, what is the name of your blog? I'd like to visit.

Red - Well, yes, I have to agree with you.

Ty - Probably they will.


Anonymous said...

Hermione, my blog is here:

and it´s called "Been there, done that"


You are very welcome to visit us (It´s Egres´s blog, too!)