Thursday, March 10, 2011

Colouring Outside the Lines

When I am spanked, most of what I receive is concentrated on my sweet spot - the centre of each buttock, where the padding is plentiful and the sensation is erotically delicious.

Sometimes the paddle strays beyond this imaginary centre. I call it colouring outside the lines. Sometimes it's a little higher or lower than the regular impact zone. This heightens the sensation for me and, because it's unexpected, it keeps my attention and draws me back if my mind starts to drift off. These out of bounds areas are also quite sensitive because they have not been warmed up, and the resulting jolt of pain adds some spice.

Take, for example, our most recent adventure with the dressage whip. Sometimes I think my husband can read my mind. I had been thinking and writing about that particular implement but he had no way of knowing. Yet that was what he had chosen. In fact, it was all he had chosen. But when I said it would be fine to use later on, after a warmup, he left the room and came back with the bamboo paddle and the wooden shoehorn. Neither one can be considered a lightweight implement in terms of pain, but both are easier on my bottom than the whip.

First he applied the stingy shoehorn, at moderate speed and intensity, to my bare bottom as I bent over the bed. Then the paddle, slower and more methodical, but with harder impact. So far, so good. Then the whip. Oh, no, too soon!

I knew the strokes weren't hard, but they were very stingy. I wished my bottom had had more of a warmup. Ron tends to adjust his speed according to the width of the implement, and the rapid tapping was very tingly indeed.

He switched to the two wooden weapons, and when it was time for the whip again it was a little more bearable. My target zone was warm, reddened, and adjusted to the treatment it was receiving.

The third time it came around, though, the strokes were much harder. That would have been fine, except that the tip was connecting with my right hip. This wrapping outside the comfort zone was initially an irritation, but it soon became an ouchiness I didn't want. I came extremely close to wanting this to end. Telling myself it was probably no worse than the caning I have been longing to experience didn't help.

Ron put down the whip, thank goodness, and applied each of the other paddles to my posterior again. Does it sound odd to say they felt good? Much nicer than the alternative. Then it was the whip's turn, but before I felt it, I heard a whistling swishhhh. Ron was waving the whip through the air, entranced by the sound. I started to laugh at his silliness.

Once more he coloured outside the lines, lower down this time. I knew I would have marks. Clenching the end of the blanket between my teeth, I willed myself to breathe and take it. The laughing helped, as Ron alternately sliced the air and my bottom, describing the sound that it made. I forced myself to remember my brave words about wanting my limits tested. They were being pushed, and I struggled to ignore that inner voice that shouted "Stop!"

Ron must have sensed my struggle, for he uncharacteristically asked "Are you done?" My lightning-fast "Yes!" brought our adventure outside the lines to a close. I wiped the tears from my eyes and hugged him. 

As I write this I do have marks: tiny red ridges along the outside of my right hip that look like long, bony fingers fanning out across the pale skin. I wonder how long they will linger as reminders of our excursion outside the lines.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

All I can say is you must be one of those gals with a teflon tushie.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

In your way is not be possible to mention that an implement is wrapping. Do you always have to accept what is given without comment? Is there not a day when a true submissive can not feel free to say that this is not working all that well for me? Could it be said later?

Hermione said...

Mick - It's starting to seem that way. My tolerance has come a long way.

Bogey - As a true submissive, I do have to accept what is given. I have the option to complain, but as a true submissive, I choose not to. It would spoil the dynamic if I were to jump up and say "Stop". I freely and joyfully submit to whatever my husband chooses to administer.



I find that a few firm strokes a bit too low down, just on the crease where the buttocks join the legs, are nice. As they can be felt for some time after the action, as you walk around.


Daisychain said...

Ouch, Hermione!
But, if you ask to be tested, tested means its going to be beyond the norm!!! LOL and that means OUCH!!!! xxxxx

Unknown said...

Brave Hermione - I know I definitely hesitate to stop the action even when I am being pushed a bit harder than I wanted - I don't ask for it but Fisher just seems to read me as we go and knows just how far to go.

Unknown said...

If you get a cane - Devlin Oneill has excellent advice on positioning and controlling the wrapping. Ron might find it helpful for other implements as well.

ronnie said...

A perfect title for your post.

'It keeps my attention and draws me back if my mind starts to drift off' that's exactly how I feel when I get spanked on other parts but P does it purposely. I hate having my thighs spanked.

Thanks for sharing Hermione.


Pink said...

D "colours outside the lines" often, too, to keep me from slipping into subspace. It brings me back, holds me there for a bit longer. And I feel it the next day! My bottom doesn't often mark but my upper thighs glow for days.

Hermione said...

Prefectdt - Yes, I like the lasting effect.

Daisy - Sadly, it does!

Anne - You and Fisher are in tune with one another. That's wonderful.

I'll check out Devlin's advice on technique.

Ronnie - I don't care for thighs either, but a little variety spices things up.

Pink - I understand that completely.


Anonymous said...

Hermione; One amazing session. Guess it beings to mind the saying " be careful what you wish for, you might just get it". Sucha wonderful husband to always do exactly what you desire.
great to read

Raven Red said...

I have always kept very quiet about the ones that go outside the colouring line, knowing any indication might just encourage some free hand art work.

Love the post Hermione, and I know the comment is WAY overdue, but I rather did get buried under work this week.

I so hate it when work interferes with my fun time!! (GRIN)



Hermione said...

Red - He is amazing. A mindreader too, because dressage whips were very much on my mind that day. You'll find out why on Monday.


Hermione said...

Raven - I agree, it's best to stay silent. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.