Sunday, March 6, 2011

You Completed the Blogaversary Caption

This picture was challenging, but I love all of your excellent captions. I have also added two of the best captions from Historic LOLs.

Prefectdt: "Hippogriffs, what a great excuse to wear both jodhpurs and a flying helmet. Honey! Get my riding crop please."

 Mick: Wherever she's going, she forgot her clothes.

 Ronnie: "Fare thee well my love, I must ride my hippogriff for he will be offended if I don't but wait for my return and then you can spanke me."

Kaki: "Hurry, we need to return Buckbeak back to Hagrid and get to Hogwarts before curfew. I wonder how many points I will get for being out of uniform?"

Scunge: Hermione says "Wheeeeee there goes the last of my uniform I feel so FREE!"

Michael: "Princess Hermione, astride Erubescence, her personal hippogriff, searches the realm of Callipygia for the Golden Paddle which when spanked upon her royal derrière will begin the Moon festival where all the women of the land are spanked on their bare bottoms beneath the full moon."

LittleMonkey: "Daddy, Daddy, I want to ride the spanking-go-round next!"

Little Butterfly: "Yes, Sir, I know I'm not aloud to ride the hippogryph naked, but... catch me if you can!!" 

Kaelah: "It had been a wonderful night. Her new lover was handsome, a lot of fun and a very skilled spanker indeed. In the morning he had given her one last long, delicious hand spanking. That's why she had finally been a bit late for her Monday morning business meeting, though. So she had decided to take one of the express hippogriffs. She had packed everything as fast as possible: her weekly presentation, the hand-outs and her other business papers. Still, as she left in a hurry, waving him goodbye, there was this strange gut feeling that she might have forgotten something important..."

Season: "Just as Snape was about to take a cane to innocent angelic Hermione, the hippogriff swooped in and rescued her. Although in the rush she forgot to grab her clothes." 

Raven Red: " You rather do look fetching in your birthday suit, hope the hippogriff is taking you straight home though..."

Thank you for playing, and thank you for all the birthday and blogaversary good wishes. You will all be happy to know that I did get a very good birthday spanking from Ron. I even counted the strokes out loud, but I won't tell you how many there were!

See you all next week!

From Hermione's Heart


Emanuele Lombardi said...

I did have any ideas the picture said so much all by itself.

Congratulations on your milestones and I hope many more to come.


Hermione said...

Thank you, Emanuele.

Pink said...

I'm sorry to have missed your Blogaversary and your birthday! Happy belated!

Your blog is essential to the community. Thanks for the daily posts. I love, love visiting.