Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hat Trick

A nasty flu virus has been lurking in our office, and the sounds of coughing and sneezing fill the air all day. When I felt the symptoms of a stuffy nose and the urge to cough, I feared I had caught the plague.

Ron noticed the cough and sympathetically asked if I was sick. I said I might be, and got out the bottle of Cold-FX. I took two and left the bottle on the table as a reminder for the morning.

We prepared dinner together and I managed to eat, even though I had little appetite. Spanking was the last thing on my mind. Ron, however, had different ideas.

When we had finished, and I was clearing the plates from the table, I felt a sudden, unexpected impact on my bottom. I froze, waiting. Another whack, this time on the other cheek. I put the plates down, rested my elbows on the table, and endured several more hard handspanks. They felt ouchy but good.

When Ron stopped, I resumed my kitchen duties. As I bent down to pick up a dropped napkin, he made another assault on my bottom. Well, this was turning into an interesting evening.

The third and final set of whacks was short, and happened as I stood at the fridge, putting away the leftovers. One smack on my left cheek, then a pause.

"I'm uneven. I don't like that," I complained.

Ron rectified the situation with a second smack.

"That's better." But my pleasure was short-lived when I felt a third slap to the left.

"Now I'm uneven again."

"It's over," said Ron, and I had to be content with feeling lop-sided.

And what of my flu symptoms? They had vanished. Was it the Cold-FX, that miraculous preventer of colds? Perhaps the tasty meal of spaghetti and red wine had something to do with it; tomatoes are thought to have have special properties, and red wine is good for you. But my money is on the spanking hat trick. Three spankings in a row is enough to clear anyone's head and banish chest congestion. I heartily recommend it.

From Hermione's Heart


PK said...

Well I think it's as likely a cure as anything and certainly easier to swallow than most remedies. Who know maybe for us spankos some kinda curing 'release' happens when we're spanked. I think this needs much more research and I'd be happy to be part of a study!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful story with a nice happy ending. For sure, the color pink does cure the blues.

ronnie said...

Tomatoes are very good for you, more so if cooked in oil and especially good for men but I think in your case it was the spanking, most definitely:) I'll make sure I mention it to P next time I have a cold.


Unknown said...

Personally, a red bottom with a glass of red wine probably did the trick. Glad your Sunday was a success.

Sara said...

Tsk! Why don't men understand what being uneven does to us? ;)

Hermione said...

PK - We should offer the subject to a medical lab nearby.

Joeyred - Yes, pink is a soothing colour.

Ronnie - Glad you agree. Tomatoes are good for men's prostate troubles too.

Red - A blazing success! Hooray for vino!

Sara - I don't know. Perhaps they like to keep us off balance.


Rogue said...

Three rounds, eh? ;)

turiya said...

Hmmmm... maybe Asha needs to spank turiya just a bit harder! LOL



Daisychain said...

LOL, nice one, lucky you!!! (with you on the uneven trick though!!)xxxxx