Sunday, March 27, 2011

You Completed the Caption

Here's what you said about this imposing statue. (Warning - some of them are real groaners.)

Prefectdt: Booty is in the eye of the beholder.

Red: Here's looking at you kid.

Kaki: This statue looks moonstruck.

Bonnie: Are your eyes red and sore...?

Season: ♬ I see London, I see France, I don't see your underpants ♬

Ronnie: When the moons hit your eyes like a big pizza pie.

Sixofthebest: Heroine this ancient stutue is so old it's 'behind' the times we live in.

Joeyred51:  I saw this statue on the Greek Island of Mykinos. It is the Greek god Buttus. He was the love child of Athena and Bacchus. In Athens, there is an ancient stadium: the Gluteus Maximus forerunner of the Circus Maximus. There is a constellation with his name that is behind the Orion constellation. This statue commemorates his encounter with his mom Athena in which he was punished for gross misbehavior at one of his dad's wild parties. He said "Mom, did you have to use the paddle of Zeus?"

Michael: Worst case of ASStigmatism I have ever seen!

A Lurker: "I see red people!"

Em: I see a spanking in your future.

Hermione: At the annual festival, maidens offered bundles of birch twigs as a sacrifice to the Great Spanker.

Thanks for participating. See you all next week, same spank time, same spank channel.

From Hermione's Heart


Dr. Ken said...

Mind one more?

"And they siad there would be no side effects from these contact lenses....."

Daisychain said...

Oh my goodness, those are all brilliant!!!!! lmao xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hermione said...

Dr. Ken - That's a good one!

Daisy - This picture brought out the best in everyone.


Dave Wolfe said...

Indeed it did-- every caption was grin-worthy! Very well done, gang!