Friday, March 18, 2011

An Elegant Implement

See what I found while browsing in a shop selling "gently used" clothing and other merchandise. It looks very old, doesn't it?

Oh, but I suppose the other side will be of more interest to you.

Obviously it's been well cared for, and perhaps this side has seen more use than the other.

It was somewhat pricey, but looked worth every penny. A shiver went through me as I held it. I just had to have it, even though I know I'll probably be very sorry I did. Then I found a lovely wooden paddle that I also had to have. (I'll show you that in a future post.) What increased the cost was having to buy something else as well, because I thought it would look odd to buy just the hairbrush and the paddle.

The sales associate told me the brush was ivory. I know that it's politically incorrect to purchase ivory, but the damage had been done a long time ago. I can't wait to try it out.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

It may be old, but it looks like it's got plenty of mileage left in it.

Sara said...

It's lovely. But....That is going to pack waaay more of a wallop than you expect!!!

Pink said...

Ivory? Now that's going to hurt, I bet. Mmmm...delicious. I suspect we'll be hearing all about your adventures. (Can't wait.)



Anonymous said...

Hermione: Somehow, i also see hair brushes whenever out in stores, and look carefully when in antique shops. I am certain you are going to enjoy the ivory brush. Hope you make it's acquaintance soon.

Anonymous said...

That is actually a really gorgeous hairbrush! Great find! I'm sure you two will have some fun (or maybe not so fun) adventures together. ;)

ronnie said...

Rather you than me Hermione:) I hope you will share your little adventure with us. Look forward to seeing a picture of the wooden paddle.

Hope you both have a wonderful weekend.


Zelle said...

I have a Top friend "BradD", that was my first spanker at the very first spanking party I went to (Florida Moonshine). Brad's pretty well known for two implements he refers to as "Ebony & Ivory"... Gee? Guess what they were? Uh huh.. you guessed it.. hair brushes that packed MAJOR WALLOP!.. I believe I did a lot of pleading when those came out of the toy bag.. Of course, that pleading went on semi-deaf ears. LOL - He did stop before I got close enough to yelling RED DAMMIT! LOL

spankedbywife said...

Wow, that looks alot like a hairbrush we found in an antique store a couple of weeks ago. However its probably just plastic but still packs a snappy sting. I can't imagine what a real ivory brush would do with the added weight.

Congrats on a great find!

Hermione said...

Mick - Yes, it'll be good for afew thousand swats.

Sara - Eek! Well, I will be prepared for the worst.

Pink - I will be sure to tell you what happened, once I find the courage to give it to Ron.

Red - I've only seen silver ones up till now.

TDduP - Adventures of some sort. Welcome!

Ronnie - The paddle's coming up soon.

Zelle - Ebony and Ivory - I love it! I'll have to keep looking for a black mate.

Ken - Lucky you, to find a good hairbrush too.


little monkey said...

Hermoine, it looks like one I have, that belonged to my grandmother. Mine is actually "celluloid" which was used extensively at the beginnning of the last century to replicate the look of ivory. I'd guess your brush is from the late teens, early 1920's. Keep it away from candle flame, celluloid burns like crazy.

Bonnie said...


When I see that brush, I have to wonder if perhaps it has some spanking stories hidden within. You might not be the first to experience its burning signature.

Were it me, I would have to feel it immediately...

Have fun!


Hermione said...

Littlemonkey - So it's not ivory? That's a relief!

Bonnie - The stories it could tell...
You're right, I need to sample what it has to offer, and I'll provide an update soon.