Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You Completed the Cartoon Caption

You may have seen this post before, but due to technical difficulties I omitted some extremely funny captions. I am republishing it today so you can enjoy them with me. My sincere apology to those of you I missed.

Here's the original dialogue in the cartoon.

Now here are your imaginative captions:


"George, do I have a cowlick? Is that why you're bringing me my hairbrush?"

"Alice, this brush is for licks of a different kind. This will teach you not to flirt with the milkman. Over my lap you go!"


She says, "I'm sorry I dented your Rolls Royce car."

He says, "Well my dear, I'm now going to raise your dress up. Pull down your knickers, and dent your bare bottom with this hairbrush. A hundred times over."


Her - "I've gotten you a nice present dear."

Him - "Goddammit woman, another hairbrush! How many times do I have to tell you that I use a comb not a brush? This is the sixth hairbrush that you've given me this year. What the hell do you expect me to do with them all?"

Her - *Blushes, smiles, raises her skirt and bends over the sofa*


"Mary, come here and bend over my desk. Quality control says we have a problem with the handles of our hairbrushes so I need you to assist me in testing one."

"Oh me Mr Pritchard? I'd be more than happy to, should I lift my skirt?"


She: But honey, I have to go sit for my exam.

He: When I get done with you, you're going to have to do all of your sitting standing up!


She: "You haven't signed the letters, sir."

He: "You've misspelled my name for the last time. You're getting a typing lesson over my knee!"

A Lurker:

Ok, here's one:

Randy: I've told you not to leave your things in my office. When I finish my presentation tomorrow I will be using this on more than your hair.
Bonnie: Well, you know what they say, eh? Hair today, Bon tomorrow!

And another,

Grant (sternly): Sara, I told you yesterday to put this away or there would be consequences. Now wait for me in the bedroom and we will find another use for this.
Sara: Whatever! GRANTed, this has happened before.

And last but certainly not least,

Hermione: Oh! I've been looking for that hairbrush.
Ron: Yes Hair-mione and now you will get it back!

That was fun! Please come back next week for a very unusual picture that needs a caption.

From Hermione's Heart


NoOne said...

Randomly found your journal.

And gotta say, I love the captions, they were all delightful to read =) I know as surprised as she looks, she's secretly hoping for that spanking hehe.

Hermione said...

Welcome, Mistress L. I agree, they're all great. We have some very creative spankos here.