Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday WIN

This is an example of great advertising. Advertising Agency: BBDO Berlin designed matchbooks with a striking strip right on the panty. It just feels great to “light your fire”.

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From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

LOL Love it, definitely a win! Thanks Hermoine :)

PK said...

Now THATS a match book! Love it.


Bas said...

Certainly a win.
Maybe place it in the kitchen. For some of us that's already a dangerous place, but one extra reminder would do no harm.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. A Big WIN.


Minielle Labraun said...

Great fun, and certainly a win!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I have no use for matches, but I will take a case of them.

sixofthebest said...

Hermione there is an old saying. "Liar Liar, pants on fire". Yes, the advertising agency BBDO, is one of the worlds greatest. They sure know how to strike up an Ad so to speak.

Aimless Rambling said...

Definitely a win. Won't show it to hubby though he may ant to take up smoking again.

ronnie said...

Excellent piece of advertising. Definitely a win. Thanks Hermione.


Unknown said...

Such a wonderful win! Where do you find these things, Hermione? loved it

Anonymous said...

However, we only use matches for the bbq, so this package would last along time
bottoms up

SNP said...

Very cute. WIN:)

Anonymous said...

WIN! Very clever. You always amaze me with your finds.


Hermione said...

Roz - You're welcome.

PK - I'd keep it as a souvenir if I ever found one.

Bas - A good idea, as a reminder in a room filled with hazards,

Joey - I agree completely.

Minelle - And so creative!

OBB - Consider them your business cards.

Six - Hot off the press, you might say.

Sunnygirl - Oh, you wouldn't want that to happen!

Ronnie - I'd buy whatever they are selling.

Lill Ian - I subscribe to a lot of email lists full of neat things.

Then you would have the package around as a reminder for quite a while.

SNP - Yay! I got it right again:)

Kiki - That's so sweet of you:)


Emen said...

Ow! Win! Want!

Brilliant as always :)

Anonymous said...

It certainly "sparked" my imagination!! Thanks for saying hello, I've enjoyed reading a few of your posts...can't wait to have some free time to come back and read more!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Huge win. I'd buy 'em :)

crankyspanker said...

A definite Win good for at least a victory lap, mine I would like to think.



Hermione said...

Emen - Thank you!

GS - You're most welcome here any time!

Cowgirl Up - They'd make nice favours at a bridal shower.

Emanuele - LOL!