Sunday, October 28, 2012

You Completed the Caption

When I found this captioned picture on Motifake I knew I had to share it with you and give you the opportunity to recaption it. Here's what you said:

Simon: The British Museums new staff uniform had caused a lot of comment.
"The Mummy 4, Ahmenothep Spanks" had reinvigorated the franchise.

Mick and Lynda: Is this the handle of my feather duster or are you just happy to see any woman after two thousand years?

SNP: In the dark of night, she was a afright,
A mummy was there, of that she was aware,
She would be spanked and that is no prank,
Her backside would glow and all would know!

GaryNTboy: Penny's first day wasn't going well, snapping off the mummy's penis then setting light to it would surely get her spanked by the boss.

Lill Ian: Despite his advancing age, Mr. Withers was still acting CEO of the corporation, and his production team spared no effort to keep him involved.

Sunnygirl: If I'm nice to you, will you be nice to me?

Six of the best: The naughty maid said, "After I dust his penis, he has promised to dust my knickers down bare bottom with a good spanking."

Minelle: Is this how you want me to pose dear? Our invitations will be so unique this Halloween! 

Lea: Thomas, turn off that wind machine right now! You said you just wanted me to dust in here!

Bonnie: "I think I found a boner."

Lady Koregan: When Isabelle applied for a position at the wax museum, she didn't realize she would end up being one of the exhibits!

Vfrat25000: So this is the guy you have seeing behind my back! Get out of that sarcophagus dude. We are going to settle this like men.

Rub a dub, dub, She excited the guy in the tub.

Why do you keep calling me Mommy you ding bat…I’m a MUMMY! Not a Mommy!

Hi there sweetie with the feather duster…Did you know I was a King of a vast empire…..Sure you were…I have heard that from many a man before you. I’m a Prince; I’m a Movie Director, I’m a Doctor….I bet you don’t even own a car!

What is going on here? I left a wake-up call for 2BC. What year is this?

Ronnie: Sally knew she should have chosen treat.

Red: The invisible man strikes again lifting her skirt before giving her bottom a nice loving spank.

Thanks for dropping by this weekend. See you again soon!

From Hermione's Heart



Sorry that I was too late to join in the fun this week but I would like to say that this week's image was really cute and funny.


Hermione said...

Prefectdt - Sorry you couldn't join us, but there's always next week.