Sunday, October 14, 2012

You Completed the Caption

spank the monkey
Spanking the monkey has different meanings in various parts of the world. Here are your interpretations:

GaryNTboy: And I thought that spanking the monkey meant something else.

Ricky: You naughty boy, you! (hint, hint!)

Six of the best: The man said to his wife, "You're next my dear. And yours will be given on that voluptuous bare bottom".

Lady Koregan: That's very cute, dear, but I don't believe for one minute it was the doll that broke the window. Now stop playing and come inside...

Ana: Him: And if you ever try to sass me, I'm going to put you over my knee just like this...
Her: You think so?
Him: Yes, and I'm going to raise my hand like this...
Her: Honey, I know you're mad at me for spanking you...but it was for your own good. Now stop messing around and get back in the car. We have some talking to do.

Sunnygirl: Your turn next, dear.

Ronnie: Stop delaying; you're going to get spanked whether you like it or not.

Kiki: Come on Ron; it's my turn now.

Prefectdt: In those days of little or no birth control, Janet had refused Brad's suggestions of pre marital sex and had told him that he would just have to be satisfied with spanking the monkey for now.
Brad did not understand what she was talking about but was willing to give it a try.

Minelle Labraun: Stop joking! You are not really going to spank me like that toy monkey.....
Are you?

Young Lady: Brad had a very creative way of proposing, but it showed Marcia he really understood her.

Honey, THIS is what I want you to do to me ok??

Bonnie: "Oh, you wicked, wicked monkey!"

Vfrat25000: Cole Porter explains the plot to Kiss Me Kate in terms that even “Bubbles” McGillicutty could understand.

Bad Monkey…You should not have swatted that pretty lady on the bottom…Bad Monkey!

50 Shades of the Grey Monkey

Jim…Could you please come out to Benton’s Corner. Your brother Carl is off his meds again and is standing off the side of the road Spanking his Monkey. Good Heavens NO…not that Monkey! A stuffed monkey! All Right I’ll wait with him until you get here.

Just ignore me lady. I am pledging the Kappa Gamma Fraternity. In a little bit I have to go to the nudie bar with a handful of Monopoly money.

It’s the Monkey’s 21st birthday. Later I’m taking him to the All You Can Eat Clam Buffet at the Old Fisherman’s Bar & Grill and get him plastered. You only turn 21 once.

Hermione: I see the SPCA van coming. Quick! Put me over your knee instead.

After a bit of practice, Roger felt he was ready to try the real thing with Alice.

A. Lurker: Carl realized there was only one way he would ever get that monkey off his back.

"Jacques, please stop fooling around! We need to be in Ste. Justine de Quelque Chose by 2 pm!"

The folks who live on the hill: You really do need glasses!

Have a great week, everyone, and don't do anything I wouldn't do!

From Hermione's Heart

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