Sunday, October 7, 2012

You Completed the Caption

These enthusiastic dancers have got the Oktoberfest spirit, or maybe they've been into the spirits.
Here's what you said:

Simon: The fight scene was eventually cut from the finished version of "The Sound of Music".

Ricky: Yo-doo-lay-ee-oo . . .The joy of a good harvest.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Bas: Ouch, those damned Lederhosen hurt my hands. I’m sure glad Gretl is not wearing anything like that under her Dirndl.

GaryNTboy: Hans, you fool. I told you that was a bee hive and not a pinata.

Six of the best: These beerguzzling Octoberfest men are singing and dancing to this song. "Tonight I'm going to get a lass, and spank her enjoyably on her ASS". Oooom Pa Pa.

Prefectdt: The Bavarians had discovered that mutual spanking was a good method of getting a Jedward hairstyle, without the expense of going to a hairdresser.

Joey: How long do we have to do this silly dance before we can tap the keg?

Bonnie: "When Otto first suggested bringing his synthesizer to Oktoberfest, I was concerned that something like this might happen."

Lady Koregan: Rules against breakdancing at the traditional polkafest were strictly enforced.

Young Lady: The Von Trapps were always in awe of their liberated cousins.

Hermione: The blackflies were especially bad in the Alps this year.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians, eh?

From Hermione's Heart


Unknown said...

Oh those were all soooo good! Happy Thanksgiving!

ricky said...

LOL, Hermione!
Happy Thanksgiving!

kiwigirliegirl said...

cool pic - wish I was clever enough to come up with a caption for you Hermione....very clever ones already posted though hehehe

Hermione said...

Thank you for the good wishes.