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From the Top Shelf - Executive Disciplinary Procedures

Last weekend I had the pleasure of browsing through a remarkable blog by the name of Rosy Tales. Co-authored by Lori Cane and Tomas Elu, it's a goldmine of every kind of spanking story imaginable; there's something there for everyone.  A story called Executive Disciplinary Procedures by Tomas Elu caught my eye because I am a big fan of office discipline. As it turned out, that wasn't exactly what the tale was about, but it was a good read nevertheless.

The story's main character is Patricia, a high-powered executive in male-dominated industry, who has had to be tough and aggressive to get where she was. No one in the office suspected that she was on the receiving end of spankings at home.  In this particular instance, she had given her assistant Julie a telling-off for misplacing some important files. Patricia's husband Eric found out about it and let her know that he planned to administer an attitude adjustment at his earliest convenience. Patricia spent the day reliving previous spankings in her mind and nervously preparing for the one in store for her.

With shaking fingers she turned the handle of the front door. The door opened which meant only one thing, Eric was in!

“Hi Patsy, how was work…no missing files today…no assistants' lives to make a misery of?” Eric asked as Patricia entered the lounge.

Patricia closed her eyes and shook her head as she stood there in silence.

“Common politeness goes a long way, you know not everyone works to your high standards…I think we have discussed this before if I’m not mistaken.” Eric said calmly as he remained sat upon the sofa.

Patricia opened her eyes though didn’t look at Eric; her eyes were cast down at the floor as she replied.

“It was just a little mixup, it’s all sorted out now.”

“Perhaps it is sorted out, but is your attitude sorted out?”

“I’m sorry…it was a big contract…” Patricia’s voice trailed off as she knew that Eric’s mind was already made up, he had already decided on adjusting her attitude.

“Pop along to the bedroom; you know the routine.” Eric said as he picked up the TV guide and started reading.

Forlornly, Patricia trudged off to their bedroom, all that was going through her mind now was how long it would be before he followed her. This was a new thing that Eric had put in place two spankings ago; he thought that a little pre-spanking time out would be good for Patricia, as it would help her to focus her mind on what was to come.

On entering the bedroom Patricia took off her dark grey jacket and carefully hung it in her wardrobe. Next she unbuckled her shoes and placed them to the side of the wardrobe. Patricia undid her hair, then brushed it so that her long auburn locks fell down to frame and exaggerate the paleness of her face. Then putting the brush back upon her dressing table she went to take her allotted place by the side of the bed. Folding her arms behind her back, she waited.

Standing in this manner she often wondered what her colleagues would make of all this, would they even believe it even if they walked in upon her and Eric?

Most that knew her would think it impossible that she could give herself so meekly, so submissively. No one would think that this boardroom high flier could or would agree to such a situation. The fact of the matter was though at some deep dark level Patricia found her situation almost therapeutic. She was giving herself both mentally and physically to her husband, she was stepping out of her ‘normal’ life to sometime long gone by. Some time that perhaps never really existed, save perhaps for in the I Love Lucy show.

A thought suddenly sprang to Patricia’s mind as she stared at the wall, ‘what underwear did I put on this morning?’ for the life of her she could not recall what she had put on this morning. She toyed with idea of checking, and then perhaps even changing into something more sexy if needs be, when she heard the footfall of Eric upon the stairs.

Eric entered the room and saw his wife standing obediently in her required position. He breathed deeply he took the scene in; there she was in a dark grey skirt and ivory blouse, her long hair flowing down across her shoulders, the sunlight catching and bringing out the redness of her tresses, there she was his beautiful wife waiting for his approval.

Waiting for his punishing palm.

He walked around the bed and sat down behind her. He heard and felt her gasp, as he slowly lifted up her skirt till it cleared her womanly hips. Then Eric carefully secured the skirt's hem by tucking it all the way around into its own waistband. He then took hold of Patricia’s left hand, his finger rubbing over her wedding ring he then said in little more than a whisper.

“The sooner we start the quicker it will be over.”

Taking her cue Patricia moved past Eric then she draped herself over his lap, her eyes focussed now on the very familiar pattern of her bedside rug. As she looked at the Mahal pattern she felt Eric’s fingers tugging down her pantyhose. She knew that her denuding would be done slowly; slowly as to rank up her humiliation, slowly to take away her sense of maturity, slowly to make her feel like a naughty little girl!

Once her pantyhose were at her ankles, Eric concentrated upon the lowering of Patricia’s panties.

“You know it is really silly a woman of forty two having to have her bare butt tanned?” said Eric.

Patricia did not reply, as any reply would have just sounded vacuous.

Then once that her panties had joined her pantyhose Patricia knew that she would not have long to wait for the pain to begin. Eric spanked hard from the very first slap, he had no intention of warming Patricia into a spanking, and he wanted the effects to be as instantaneous as possible. Patricia did not know if Eric was a ‘good spanker’ or not, as he was the only person that had ever lifted a hand to her ass she had nothing else to compare to.

She did know though that he was a very effective spanker; his hand covered all of her butt and the tops of both hamstrings, he did so though in a random manner. He would not just spank alternatively from one cheek to another; his hand would sometimes fall perhaps three times in a row upon the same spot before moving off to a newer paler target area. He would continue till either Patricia was in tears - real tears though, not the crocodile variety - or until he had painted her butt and the backs of her thighs bright red with his palm.

As always it took less than four minutes for Eric to have Patricia in tears and crying out her apologies for her behaviour.  Eric then helped his sobbing wife up to her feet; he pulled her close to him the weight of her breasts resting upon the top of his head, his mouth resting upon her tight stomach. Patricia then felt a gentle kiss upon her belly, then one a little lower.

She knew that going for her run tomorrow would be a problem; she knew how raw her ass would still feel...she knew that she would savour each and every pain-filled step.

Read the whole story here.
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Our Bottoms Burn said...

Good find. Thanks

Bas said...

I'm always surprised about your finds. How is it possible that I walked around in Blogland for years and never found this story blog.
Thanks Hermione.

Aimless Rambling said...

I love this story. Great find, I've bookmarked the site. Thank you for your diligent research.

Happy New Year to You and Ron.

Ami Starsong said...

This is one I've read before Hermione. It's actually good to know she got her comeuppance. I can think of a few female executives I'd like to see in the same position! Oh... did I say that? What?! Me?! No...

Happy New Year and Many Blessings!

Hugs, Ami

garyntboy said...

Ooo I know that sore bottom feeling so well,worse when you gingerly ease yourself into a hot bath..ouch! Happy new year to you and your family Hermione.Many laughs to come in 2013 I hope. Kind regards, Gary.

Hermione said...

Bogey - I'm so glad you liked it.

Bas - There are so many out there, you are forgiven for not finding this one.

Sunny - I hope you find other stories there that you enjoy.

Ami - I can think of a few male executives too.

Gary - Hot water does seem to aggravate the burn, but a cold bath just isn't right.


Zoe said...

Thanks for sharing the great story and website. Happy New Year!

Hermione said...

Zoe - It was my pleasure.