Sunday, December 23, 2012

You Completed the Caption

The jolly old elf seems to be enjoying himself. He'd better get a move on if he's going to be ready for Christmas Eve.

TL Bucko: "Look Ellie May, if you want off the naughty list this is the only way."
"Oh Santa, I'm sorry!"
"You will be when we get to the switch."

 Elle: Sooooo am I on the naughty list or the nice list???

Dawn b: Those stinking bears are lying. I didn't eat all their porridge! It was probably that girl with the red cape that I saw skipping through the forest earlier. I knew she looked like trouble!

Minelle: Wait, wait...I thought you said to enjoy myself at the party last night.

Young Lady: Deborah had agreed to the photo shoot with Greg because it sounded "cute" and "sexy" only took her a few minutes to realize Greg had no intentions of "faking it"...this is the first picture. Every subsequent one was much :-D

Ami Starsong: Oh Santa! What big red gloves you have!

Not as red as they are going to make these little beauties my dear!

Sunnygirl: "I noticed you weren't wearing red. I will fix that right now".

Six of the best:  "Santa Claus each year has a 'spanking good time', at your house Hermione. So with a few more slaps, on your cute bare bottom. Here's wishing you 'Season's Greetings', to you and your family".

Why thank you, Six!

Ronnie: Sally soon found out that naughty girls do get spanked by Santa.

Smuccatelli: This one's been my Christmas wallpaper for years... ;-)

It's an oldie but a goodie! I didn't see a blog associated with your profile, but if you can tell me the URL,  I will link it  to your response.

Ricky: Whose cheeks are rosy red?
Must be Santa,
Must be Santa,
Must be Santa, Santa Claus!

Vfrat25000: The night Santa entered rehab: The evening started at the North Canada Dinner Theater and Sports Bar with Santa guzzling more Tequila Shooters than the elves could count and ended with the Jolly Red Fat Man belting out three rounds of “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” on the Karaoke Stage, paddling the bartender Heidi’s bare bottom and then riding off into the moonlight on the maintenance man’s golf cart singing “She Wore a Tulip and I Wore a Big Red Rose!”

Little Goldilocks from the Fifth Avenue Gentleman’s Club found out the hard way SANTA doesn’t take kindly to offers of a lap dance.

Oh Santa!!! My, My, My, you are going to have a lot to tell Father Flannigan during confession on Friday. I think you can drop the Title of “Saint Nick” you jolly old red-suited perv.

Lea: Santa has a serious look on his face, but we all know he loves the naughty girls the most.

A. Lurker: Elf-vira was dreaming of a white Christmas but little did she know that Santa had her on the Naughty List and now it was time to face the (Christmas?) music.

“This is for laughing at Rudolph and calling him names (like Pinocchio). I'll teach you to not let Rudolph join in those reindeer games (like Monopoly)!" Santa lectured as he started spanking.

"And this is for calling me chubby and plump and laughing at me in spite of yourself!" he grumbled as he continued to roast her rump.

Elf-vira soon realized that Santa wasn’t the jolly old elf that everyone professed him to be and that chestnuts were not the only thing that could be roasted by an open fire.

When she had been suitably chastised, Santa rose up the chimney but she heard him exclaim ere he drove out of sight "This is sooo much better than milk and cookies!"

Oh yes, it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

On the 12th day of Christmas, Santa gave to me - - -

(Merry Christmas, Hermione)

Merry Christmas to you too!

Anon: Oh my... i didn't realize how big the North Pole was.

Hermione: Santa was not at all pleased with the celery and tonic water Cindy left for him in place of the traditional cookies and milk.

Happy holidays to one and all!

From Hermione's Heart


Fondles said...

loved it. thanks!

Happy christmas Hermione :)

1ManView said...

Next year I'll bet she'll remember what she got on the twelfth day of Christmas..

Wishing you a Merry Christmas

May love fill your heart
While peace surrounds your soul

Terpsichore said...

very fun...happy holidays! :-)

Hermione said...

Fondles - They were all very creative captions.

iManView - I'm sure she will never forget it.

Terpsichore - Thank you, and the same to you.


smuccatelli said...

Nope. No blog, just a reader and occasional contributor on some sites. As it is I barely have time for that. I have a few stories posted on Library of Spanking Fiction.

Merry Christmas!

Sweetspot said...

Looks like Santa put himself on the nice list this year and then gave himself the perfect gift.

Hermione said...

Smuccatelli - Yes, I've seen your name there and have read and enjoyed some of your stories. Keep up the good work.

Sweetspot - He probably gave her what she was hoping for too. It's win/win!