Sunday, December 16, 2012

You Completed the Caption

Travel during the busy holiday season can be trying at times. Here's what you said:

Joey: The female in the photo is a pro domme who received an urgent text message from Mrs. Claus. It seems that Santa has fallen behind in his work watching too many reruns of a Charlie Brown Christmas. So, she is on her way to provide some motivation.

Because of the urgency of the situation, she forgot her panties.

Kingspan: "But I simply can't go to the spanking party on Lord Canesley's yacht. I haven't the proper panties!" she said. "Nevertheless you are going," her husband had replied, "and if you haven't the proper panties there is only one solution."

TL Bucko: "No panties! You little hussy. Just wait until I get you in this aircraft. At least you saved me the trouble of pulling your panties down."

Bonnie: "You told me not to wear a thong today because of the high winds. So I didn't."

Red:  The photo just reminds me of the song: FLY ME TO THE MOON...

Sunnygirl: "So much easier to have instant access. I'm so glad you listened to me. It's so much easier than having to take down those panties."

Simon: "I'm sorry, I think I got the wrong idea when you said would I like to see your chopper"

Vfrat25000: The ACME Helicopter Company always had a history of providing unusual Holiday Bonuses

I am Jeff your pilot. Let me know if you need anything. I understand you are on your way to a Shadowlane Party in Las Vegas. What kind of party is that?

Betty Louise Finkelstein breezed through airport security. Nobody could ever understand why she was always moved to head of the line and received VIP service from the TSA.

LOOK AT THAT…GEEZ LOUISE, WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT……….Maintenance forgot to tighten that hampson bolt. That would have rattled something awful on our flight.

I finally have an answer to that rumor circulating the flight hanger. Fredericka the Boss’s daughter isn't really a FRED. Thank goodness. Tim owes me a $100.00

Uhhhhh Pilot…. Isn't our Helicopter flying sideways...Oh Yeah…..Sorry, I got a little distracted while were loading!

Six of the best: The pilot is flying high. First with the stewardess's skirt above her waist. Then with his hands spanking her bare bottom.

Michael: Sikorsky Helicopter Corporation proved they have the strongest engines in the industry when they blew the panties off the wife of the Chairman of the Board. Sikorsky Chairman Robert Figg was quoted, "Best damned engines and best damn ass, and both are mine!"

Elle: Just step right ma'am. Yep, that's great. :)

Dave Smith: Cinderella made a quick exit at midnight and forgot to take her panties from the Prince's Castle!

Welcome, Dave and elle;)

Young Lady: I don't know what was happening 5 seconds before, but I would bet you 5 seconds after there was an amazing *crack* on her butt. I mean who could resist??

Lillie: "I just have this strange feeling that I am forgetting something..... " remarked Joan casually on her way to the wind tunnel demonstration for multi-denominational clergy persons.

GaryNTboy: Julie realised she'd forgotten something when she felt the sting of his hand on her bare arse as he HELPED her up.

Ronnie: I know it's an emergency and he said come as you are but at least he could have waited until I put my knickers on.

Ami: The thought of a ride gave her a cheeky grin!

Hermione: Charlotte got off on the right foot with her instructor for her helicopter pilot certification test.

Thank you all for taking the time to share some light-hearted fun in this time of terrible tragedy in the US. Our thoughts are with the families of the victims at this time.
From Hermione's Heart

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