Sunday, December 2, 2012

You Completed the Caption

Life isn't all fun and games in fairytale land, as your captions prove.

Anon: Hopefully just a test to realize if she's ready for an upgrading of her condition...

GaryNTboy: Now look here Dopey, Doc and the rest of you, when I said I was a bit of a scrubber I didn't mean in a literal sense.

Minelle: Sorry about throwing the potted plant at your head. See I am cleaning up the mess. Can we forget about the spanking?

Sunnygirl: Prince Charming better come soon, my knees are killing me and I have chapped hands.

Dawn B: I really hope Prince Charming brings his paddle with him this time...

Welcome, Dawn!

Ricky: Stay tuned for the birds-eye view.

Ronnie: I knew I should have said yes to Sleeping Beauty, she doesn't have to clean floors.

Michael: Will Cinderella make it to the ball on time?

Or will her evil stepmother and step sisters find more chores to delay her?

Maybe when the clock strikes midnight Cinderella will be in the corner nursing a red bottom from being spanked by her stepmother?

Or will her Prince come to her rescue with soothing lotion and a glass slipper?

Will her evil stepmother and stepsisters have an ouchy comeuppance at the hands of her handsome Prince?

Stay tuned to "Hermione's Heart" to have all these questions answered and much, much more. Like do nudists have pin-ups of people wearing clothes? Do the French say "Pardon my English" when they curse? And why isn't there any mouse flavored cat food?

Young Lady: This was Prince Charming's favorite role-play for his dear Cinderella. Despite her upbringing she always managed to miss a spot and he got to spank that luscious ass.

Bonnie: "Thanks to my unique floor scrubbing workout, I look better than those evil step-sisters could even dream!"

Prefectdt: Cinderella thought that this kind of thing had gone from her life but then Prince Charming read "The Story Of O".

Julia: Oh, poor me, I have to clean up this mess I made. If he wasn't such a big meanie, I wouldn't have made the mess in the first place.

Kiki: I should have picked the spanking.

Vfrat25000: I had to marry the only Prince who decided to invest the entire Royal Fortune in Enron Stock.

Hey Princess, grab me a beer, the game is about to start.

The movie producer told Penny Pondelsmith if she was really good with her hands there MIGHT be a part in a new movie with her name on it. This is not what first came to mind when she assured the producer she was “Very Good” with her hands.

I am beginning to think my rotten husband really doesn’t have a scrub woman fantasy; he just wants the floors scrubbed.

Blondes have more fun MY ASS!

One little romp in the Library with the Duke of Dorchester and the Queen Mother has me scrubbing 26000 square feet of castle floors. If the Prince would just get that Viagra prescription refilled, I wouldn’t have to play Guess Who’s Under the Royal Covers with his relatives

Lady Koregan: Maybe if I lean forward a little more, my cleavage will distract him from my bottom...

Elisa Will: "I should get a Swiffer." ;)

Welcome, Elisa!

My Mask: I think I would rather have taken the spanking then to have to scrub these floors all day.

Hermione:  After the honeymoon was over, Cinderella found that happily ever after was just a fairy tale.

Rod: If I hadn't spanked him so hard, I wouldn't have felt the sort of guilt that only chores can assuage.

Have a wonderful week, and drop in whenever you can. You're always welcome!
From Hermione's Heart


Unknown said...

I definitely liked this week's captions!! :D

More fairytales, H!! :D

kiwigirliegirl said...

cool pic and i love the captions...all so great and funny
hugs kiwi xx