Sunday, December 9, 2012

You Completed the Caption

Automation is a wonderful thing, but sometimes the hands-on approach is preferable. Here are your captions:

Kingspan: When the sorority figured out that the dress removal "robot" they were so eager to try was really four frat brothers crammed in the box to operate the levers, their retribution was fierce.

Michael: Sir Rodney Palm's dilatory wife, Lady Scarlet Palm, insisted on having a machine to undress her so she wouldn't damage her fingernails, and she didn't allow the servants to undress her because she felt them beneath her station. But what she was about to find out in front of an audience of her husband and all the servants was the disrobing machine was also a spanking machine.

Sunnygirl: I have no idea, but it takes up entirely too much space and it cannot be decorated.

Ian: When Bob was away, Sue would play...

Lillie: The FAA found early prototypes for full body x-ray scanners were somewhat invasive.

Ami: Gertrude finally solved the problem of her husband always jamming the zip!

Young Lady: When Ingrid signed up for the mail order bride serve, they HAD promised to be impersonal when matching up clients, but this was ridiculous!

Lucia thought it was entirely unfair that her Master had gone to bed and left her to this torture overnight.

Mary had to admit when the paraplegic told her he wanted to feel her up, she'd doubted him.

Smuccatelli: "Danger, Willa Robinson..."

Prefectdt: The inventor also built a version that pinched bottoms, for the Italian market.

Joey: I am not sure who the inventor might be, but I could imagine a conversation he would have with his assistant while sitting inside the box:

Inventor: "Push that button to unsnap the bra."
Asst: "Do you think she knows we are inside this box?"
Inventor: "No. Shhhh. One more button."
Asst: "It is almost off."
Inventor: "Give me the camera."
Asst: "Oops. I forgot it."
Inventor: "@#$%&#$%"

Ricky: Please, Gort, I already said, "Klaatu barada nikto!"

GaryNTboy: Charles, this new clothes brushing machine has dropped the damn brush again and I daren't bend over to pick it up; be a love would you?

Ana: Hermione was quite displeased that her dress code infraction had resulted in her no longer being allowed to choose or put on her own clothes. On the other hand, at least this way she didn't break her nails trying to do impossible-to-reach zippers.

Ronnie: Henry said he had programmed it to my voice command. I wonder if, no could I really ask it to spank me?

Hermione: Martha's new kitchen gadget from Ronco was a dream come true. It had all the bells and whistles: toaster, blender, mixer, and a paddle attachment she was dying to try out.

Thanks for joining me this weekend. Have a merry week!

From Hermione's Heart

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