Monday, May 20, 2013

From the Top Shelf - Coming to Terms

Coming to Terms is a new ebook by seven of our blogging friends and authors. The spanking fiction anthology which includes stories by Jade Cary, Cara Bristol, Alta Hensley, Celeste Jones, Sue Lyndon, Renee Rose and Anastasia Vistky.

The excerpt I've chosen to share with you is from "Reconnecting" by Celeste Jones. There's something special about her story - apart from the spankings, that is. Celeste has recreated our blogging world in her story.  You just might be able to relate to Daisy, a woman in a DD relationship who has been spending entirely too much time online lately. Her husband Reece knows and tries to put a stop to it by asking her to keep a record of what she does all day. Daisy visits many of the blogs that you probably also read. Modesty forbids me from including the passage where my blog is mentioned, but I've included a section that contains references to three popular bloggers. Read on!

Shouldn’t you get off the computer for a little while? I’d hate for you to get in trouble. Minelle always acted like such a scaredy cat.

You work hard. This is your time off. You should be able to spend it how you like. Ana preferred to be more confrontational.

Like a scene in a movie, Daisy felt as though she had an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. She knew who she should listen to. Whether she actually would seemed unlikely.

She’d obeyed Reece’s instruction to print out the time log, which broke the day into fifteen-minute increments. Since she didn’t wake up until about nine she wrote sleeping for the hours up to then. From noon to twelve-thirty, she wrote in lunch. In truth, she ate a sandwich at her computer while playing a word game with her mother, and catching up on the posts from ‘My Bottom Smarts Brunch’. Bonnie always had the best discussions about DD-related topics. And it was The Source for all the latest spanking blogs. Finding ‘My Bottom Smarts’ had been like opening a spankophile treasure chest. Fortunately, Reece had been out of town that night, because she stayed up nearly until dawn clicking from blog to blog to blog, soaking up spanking posts like a dried-up sponge in a bucket of water.

Didn’t Reece understand? This community played an important part in her life, and she’d been excited about spending uninterrupted time catching up on all the posts she’d been meaning to get to. She even had a list of blogs she yearned to visit, but hadn’t had time to yet.

Reece comes home to find that Daisy has been online all day and what's worse, has lied to him about how she spent her day. There was only one way to deal with that!

He spoke softly. “I realize you don’t agree with my decision to discipline you.” Although he couldn’t see her face, he imagined her cheeky expression in response. “But, I appreciate the fact that you have not resisted.” His hand lifted and lowered to connect with her left cheek. Usually the first stroke of red to her fair skin excited him. Tonight it saddened him.

He continued his duties. Three quick swats to the same spot on her left cheek, followed by an equal number on the right. Daisy neither spoke nor moved.

By now warmth spread across her buttocks. His fingers started to sting, but his task had just begun. He brought his palm down repeatedly on the same spot on the underside of her cheek, but it brought no response from Daisy. She did not complain or resist. Her stoic submission created an ache in his heart. While he tried to connect with her, she shut him out.

Usually a firm spanking helped them to resolve their differences, but this one seemed to be having the opposite effect. Unwilling to allow her to avoid punishment, Reece set his resolve and swung his hand down upon her backside with even more force. By now, her entire rear end colored deep crimson, her thighs nearly as dark. Under normal circumstances, Reece would have deemed this amount of punishment sufficient, but he could tell she had not given up control. Had not given up her righteousness.

He reached for the nightstand and pulled out the leather paddle. Her body stiffened at the sound of the drawer opening and closing. They both knew it could only mean one thing.

He’d honestly hoped realizing he had the paddle would create a stronger reaction.

It did, but little did Daisy know that the worst was yet to come, and it didn't involve spanking.

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From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Thank you for giving us a snippet of this book Hermione, and congrats on being featured in Celeste's story.

This is a fantastic collection of stories and I am about to publish a review on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the excerpt. I have purchased the book and look forward to reading it on my iPhone.

It is good of you to support our blogger friends.


PS Happy Victoria Day.

sunnygirl said...

This is a great collection of stories. Enjoyed all of them.

Terpsichore said...

thanks for the snippet...I will look forward to reading the book hopefully soon...

Minelle Labraun said...

Wasn't this anthology a wonderful read? I felt honored to be mentioned in her story with all of you!

Love the excerpt you chose!

ronnie said...

Hermione - Thanks for the excert. I'll have to download it to my nook.


Hermione said...

Roz - I'll look forward to reading your review.

Joey - I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did.

Sunny - So did I.

Terps - I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Minelle - Yes, it's a superb collection.

Ronnie - You're in for a real treat:)


Mona Lisa said...

Thank you, Hemione, for teh snippet. I will like to read all book..

Hermione said...

Mona - I'm sure you will love it.


Enzo said...

Thanks for doing this review. This actually sounds like a spanking book worth reading. I enjoyed the excerpt story you choose.

I just wonder if the worst that is yet to come for Daisy's punishment aligns anywhere close with my preference for additional punishment of stubborn young ladies?

Hermione said...

Enzo - Oh,no. It's MUCH worse than that!


Celeste Jones said...

Hermione--I totally apologize for not commenting on this post two months ago when you posted it. Ugh. I feel like a heel, but not so much that I am not willing to say thank you so much for allowing me to include you in my story and for featuring it on your blog. xoxox Celeste

Hermione said...

Celeste - Better late than never, I always say! It was fun to see my name in print!