Thursday, May 9, 2013


Bonnie's brunch question last week was, "Does a spanking applied to a wet bottom really hurt more? If so, why?"

We had never explored this possibility, so before answering the question I decided  we would engage in a bit of research. The timing was perfect because our regular weekly spanking was scheduled for later that same day. I would figure out a way to include a little wet and wild fun.

Ron had laid out his chosen implements: dogging bat, short and broad leather paddle, and dressage whip. The first two were unsuitable for the experiment because i didn't want to spoil the leather by getting it wet. The dressage whip ? Well, let's just say that the less Ron uses it on my bottom, the better. I didn't want its use to be extended by even one stroke.

So it would have to be something wooden. I rummaged through the toybox and came up with a sturdy maple paddle.

"Are you sure you want that one?" Ron queried.

"Yes," I confirmed, even though I have been known to state that maple trees are more useful producing maple syrup than being turned into paddles.

I got into position and Ron picked up the dogging bat. Good, I thought, we were starting out easy.

A dogging bat (not for batting dogs)

The leather paddle was next, and although it was more severe I still wasn't in too much distress. Maybe Ron's arm was tired after washing the car and I would get off with only a light paddling.

I was wrong. The maple paddle did its work effectively, and soon my bottom and thighs were burning. But the whip - saved for last, as always - was its usual evil self. For some reason, Ron decided to deliver the strokes in sets of five, in a repetitive pattern on my backside. It went: top, bottom, top, bottom, middle. Over and over. Was he tapping in time to some tune running through his head? Ouch times five!

As was his habit, my husband cycled through the implements several times, always in the same order. Except once, when he picked up the dressage whip and made it whistle through the air.

"No, not yet. It's out of order!" I cried.

Ron chuckled, put it down and picked up the maple paddle instead.

"That's better," I muttered. "I knew you were joking. You're too OCD to mix up the order." I paid dearly for that remark, let me tell you!

Finally I heard the words, "You're done" and knew I had to act fast. I turned to look at Ron, and my quizzical expression made him ask, "Unless you want some more of this?" as he brandished the whip.

"No," I said hastily, "but get the spray bottle. I want to see if it makes a difference."

Ron put down the whip, picked up the bottle from the dresser behind him, and within seconds I felt a spray of cold water hit my bare waist. I jumped and half rose from the bed.

"How's that?" he asked, from about six feet away from me.

"No, not there, silly!" I got back into position and waited. Streams of water in quick succession struck my ear, thighs, neck, the back of one knee, and the intimate area between my legs.

"Does that make a difference?" Ron asked, laughing ,after every squirt. "Does it?" "Does it?"

Between giggles I managed to gasp, "No, you're doing it all wrong. You're supposed to aim for my bum!"

Ron finally complied and I felt my burning cheeks cooled by the water. Then as we both laughed uncontrollably, he picked up the maple paddle and paddled my bottom. "Well?"

"Yes, it hurts more," I managed to say as I got up. Our eyes met and once more we burst into fits of giggles. Not very scientific, I know, but we had an unexpectedly hilarious time and I did manage to come up with an answer to the brunch question.

From Hermione's Heart


garyntboy said...

I've heard that too Hermione but not tried it yet. But surely leather would be ok getting wet wouldn't it ?
After all, it's a natural product and cows never seem to mind the rain.
Kind regards Hermione,

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing your experiment.

I experienced a caning on a wet bottom on Monday. I had never been spanked or caned on a wet bum so it was new for me. I felt the difference immediately, the strikes had more sting.


abby said...

You made smile before coffee! Love that he 'showered' you! I will take your word for the wet bottoms hurt more!
hugs abby

Anonymous said...

Spanks on a cold bottom hurt more. Now when skin is wet, water will evaporate and extort warmth from the skin. That is why coming out of water after swimming feels cold.
When water is warm the effect will be less than when using cold water.

Greetings appie

Hermione said...

Gary - I'm sure it would be okay if you dried it off well afterward.

Joey - I can imagine:(

Abby - Would I lie about something like that?

Appie - Welcome! I can see why that would be true. The water Ron used was room temp, but it felt cold.


ashebridge said...

Dressage whip? (horse person here). As in a proper long skinny dressage whip with the little string popper at the end? Or is it more crop like with a folded leather bit at the end? Is it one if the super springy ones or firm? Dying to know ;-) I love love love one particular crop, though he'd only used it once cause we just don't do "this" yet and it was just fooling around.

I have no doubt it hurts more wet. Playful shower slaps actually hurt for real. Plus horses are much more responsive to flicks from a crop when sweaty, whereas a dry horse might need a good pop to get the point.

All I can say is you're brave!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

O ye of little faith. I have posted about this more than once. Yes, it amps up the sting. Glycerin works even better as it adheres to the skin.

Kenzie said...

You are brave for actually doing the research for the question! Good for you. :)

Michael M said...

Yep, it does sting a lot more.
The science of heat conduction is what is going on here. The water enters the pores and conducts the heat of the whack deeper into the skin I believe.

ronnie said...

Yes it does sting more. I've been hand spanked and paddled (wood) with a wet bottom but never the cane. I wonder what the cane would feel like.

I can just image Ron standing there spraying you with water LOL.

Thanks for sharing.


morningstar said...

LOL - I loved the description of the water experiment - what we do for science eh?? LOL

Betsy said...

It sounds like you did really good research...I think I'll take your word for it ;)

Hermione said...

Chickadee - Yes, a proper long, skinny one, and very springy. It's the popper on the end tat does me in every time; it wraps just enough to sting the side of my right hip. Argh!

Bogey, Yes, I recall your posts, but I needed first-hand experience in order to participate at brunch.

Kenzie - I like to be honest.

Michael - Oh, so that's why. Thank you.

Ronnie - What would the cane feel like? Ask Joey (see his comment above).

Morningstar - It turned out much better (and was a lot more fun) than I had anticipated.

Betsy - Are you sure you wouldn't like to disprove my theory?


Erica said...

I know you guys don't do video, but that's a scene I would love to see! Too much fun. :-)

Hermione said...

Erica - It was a hoot! I agree, it would have been fun to record it, even if just for ourselves.


Blondie said...

I have, unfortunately experience of the water bottle, wet bum and the paddle. Way worse then the usual. Also, being fresh out of the shower is much more hurtful than usual. Best kind of spankings, the ones you can have fun with.

Anonymous said...

there's no substitute for empirical evidence :).

Anonymous said...

Fresh out of the shower... still wet.. hurts like the dickens in my opinion! yikes!

Terpsichore said...

sounds like fun research :-)

Hermione said...

Blondie - Spanking after a shower would be ouchy but fun!

Mick and Lynda - Inquiring minds want to know:)

Emi - Maybe I'm lucky that that's not likely to happen here.

Terps - We had a blast!