Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday FAIL

Once more, we return to that shopping mecca, fondly known as Wally World.

 Before we go in, check out the weirdness in the parking lot. What is it about Walmart that attracts the brain-dead?

 What can you do when you run out of underwear? Either do the laundry or go shopping for more.

 Interesting that the store actually has a dress code for employees. Too bad there wasn't one for customers too.

 At least this guy is wearing something that approximates undies. But what's with that strand of fabric traveling up under his shirt?

 Nope, they're too small. They won't fit any better if you walk around the store in them for the afternoon.

From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Oh good grief! I just can't fathom why anybody would go out looking like that!

Love the car in the trolly park - priceless! LoL. Thanks for sharing Hermione.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Hermione. I cannot believe how people walk around in these clothes.


sunnygirl said...

Love the car - wanna know if he moved the carts first. lol

Where would we be without Wally World, we would have absolutely no fun at all. I wonder if you have to join a club to be part of their"in" group.

Kenzie said...

I do not understand these people!!! What in the world are they thinking? Lol thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

At least that car won't be getting any door dings! I can't figure out how they got out though :)

ronnie said...

I do laugh at your Wally World post. Thanks.

I wonder does his wife/girlfriend know he's wearing her knickers.


Hermione said...

Roz - I don't understand it either.

Joey - Maybe every day is Hallowe'en in their minds.

Sunny - I'll bet he did!
You probably need to at least have a Walmart loyalty card.

Kanzie - I can't imagine what goes on in their heads.

Queenie - The car would be safe from bad parkers. I guess the driver climbed out the open window, or is still inside:)

Ronnie - Perhaps she doesn't mind sharing.


Red said...

love the car... when desperate, you can always exit and enter by the windows... :)
bottoms up

Erica said...

(groan) My eyes, my eyes...

*Bonnie* said...

When I have to go to Wally world, I like to just stand back and watch. There really are some idiots out there.

Lol at the guy who parked in the cart return.

Hermione said...

Red - Provided you have the necessary agility.

Erica - Sorry :D

*Bonnie* - We have those same idiots here too.


sinister_ali said...

This made my day :-) iv linked to your blog on mine so others may enjoy this too.

Daisychain said...

Brilliant, Hermione! What makes me laugh is that it is true... when I am in USA, we ALWAYS visit Walmarts... I am not much of a sightseer, but I love to giggle at the sights in Walmarts! xxxxxx