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The Amorous Professor - Part 2


Our amorous professor Frank Meredith, whom we met last week, has secured a position as tutor to two lovely but lazy daughters of a widow. The girls, aged eighteen and nineteen, are idle in their studies, and Frank is encouraged to apply whatever corporal punishment he deems necessary. Then his employer, Mrs. Dartman, explores the possibility of an additional duty.

"But now, aside from my daughters whose punishment and disciplining you are going to undertake with my full authority, I have another matter in which you can assist me. What was your impression of my maid, Lucy?"

I'm afraid it was my turn to blush then, because I had been thinking about the snippy and very lovely coppery-haired young woman. She had directed upon me the most impertinent of glances, and her manner had hardly been the servile and humble attitude which one expects in domestics. On the other hand, being a stranger to the household, I had no wish to put a black mark against her. I therefore contented myself by saying, "She seems quite attractive, Mrs. Dartman, and efficient."

"Oh yes, yes," the handsome widow said with a gesture of impatience. "I rather wanted your frank opinion of her behaviour towards you. Didn't it strike you that she treated you with some familiarity, unbecoming for a domestic servant?"

I frowned, desperately trying to say something that would both placate my new employer and yet not get pretty Lucy into trouble. Finally I managed, "Perhaps she has not had too much experience in domestic service, Mrs. Dartman."

"Come now, Mr. Meredith. You are far too generous and kind-hearted. That is exactly the manner I do NOT wish you to adopt when you undertake the chastisement of my daughters! I will tell you, very honestly, that I have been thinking for some time of subjecting Lucy to the rod."

I was startled, and showed it, in my astonished look back at her. She uttered a soft, tinkly laugh of satisfied amusement and continued, "My dear sir, what I have said is not so startling, after all. Even though this is the twentieth century, I can assure you that maids and other domestics are still thrashed by their mistresses and masters, here in England... I showed her charity, took her into my household, and attempted to improve her education and her outlook. In the main, I think I have succeeded, but, at the same time, she has a most exasperating nonchalance and at times a gross impertinence which needs to be dealt with, as you have yourself observed."

"But, my dear Mrs. Dartman," I exclaimed, a little nervously, "I assure you I said nothing at all about Lucy's conduct. I merely found her to be young, cheerful and pleasant."

"You are much too charitable." she laughed softly. "No, young sir, I will not be content with that. Lucy leaves much to be desired when it comes to presenting herself to the outside world and representing my household. So I shall have her put to the rod. Moreover, it will be an excellent test of your capabilities in administering discipline to my daughters. You will, therefore, come back this evening after dinner, and your first task, as my new employee, will be to chastise Lucy's bottom... Oh, one thing more - do you own a birch rod, or perhaps a tawse or cane?"

I shook my head. I had heard of such instruments but never seen them used. I knew perfectly well what they were and began to imagine their effect on the wriggling bottom of a rebellious young woman, but I was still virgin in that area of discipline.

"I'm sure I can obtain a riding switch from Wilkes the coachman," she said. "I shall see you then, this evening. Thank you for taking this post, Mr. Meredith. We shall get along splendidly, I know we shall!"

My senses were whirling. Here I had been commissioned to tutor two very attractive girls who would certainly incur the need for physical punishment which would be sheer delight to administer and now I was to begin my employment that very evening by punishing the very saucy young maid who had behaved so outrageously.

Frank realizes he needs to prepare himself for his first assignment, and spends the afternoon shopping.

I therefore made my way to a little shop in Amesbury Road, where I knew that the entire paraphernalia of educational chastisement was available. I purchased a whippy cane, pencil-thin, with a crooked handle for grip, of gleaming yellow rattan; a Scottish tawse which had three 'fingers' cut at the broad end and made into strips about an inch and a quarter wide and four inches long, whereas the strap itself had a length of about twenty-six inches and a solid doubled piece at the other.

I debated the wisdom of buying a birch rod, because ideally birch switches should be cut every day and pickled in brine or at least steeped in water to impart additional flexibility and switch when they were to be used to whisk and curl around a tightly bent over naked female posterior.

But I also saw a handsome black leather sole which would make an admirable spanker and a great deal of noise as it smacked down on a bare girlish bottom. I knew in theory that the noise of punishment is a very acute nuance of humiliation and the chastisement of the opposite sex, and a few brandished gestures with the sole in my right hand gave me to realise that it could also engender a very distressing heat in tender flesh hitherto unacquainted with its powers.

I bought a black leather case for my cane and found that the tawse and spanker would fit into it quite nicely. After these purchases, I repaired to my own bachelor quarters and prepared myself a modest supper.

And so at the appointed hour I presented myself again at the Widow Dartman's house and rang the bell. Lucy herself admitted me, and I gathered that she was as yet uninformed as to her impending punishment. The saucy redhead giggled as she saw me: "Why Sir, you're becoming quite a regular here, aren't you! I take it you wish to see Mrs. Dartman?" she said.

"Precisely so," I replied in a rather haughty manner.

"My what great airs you have Sir!" she giggled. I was about to say something testy to this impertinent red-haired vixen, when I considered that there would be ample time for rueful apology since she found herself having to pay for her impudence. I merely said to her, "Kindly show me to your mistress please," and took a firmer grip on my little case.

She led me to what was apparently Mrs. Dartman's boudoir, knocked on the door and told me to enter.

I found the delectable widow in a most seductive green satin negligee, with a long housecoat partly buttoned around it, and her lovely feet encased in high-heeled black leather shoes. She was in the act of spraying her soft, round neck with the perfume atomizer, and she smiled beguilingly at me.

"You're very punctual, Mr. Meredith," she said, smiling beguilingly at me. "Lucy, keep yourself available, as I shall have need of you soon. You may leave us for the moment. Oh and would you bring in two glasses of sherry and some tea biscuits, if you please?"

"Of course, Mrs. Dartman." This time Lucy's manner could not be criticised as she promptly disappeared.

The widow looked at me with a roguish look in her eyes and her soft lips curved in a whimsical smile. "I have been wondering what your thoughts were on this little duty I have asked you to perform tonight, Mr. Meredith," she remarked.

"I am only sorry that I shall make an enemy of Lucy from the very start. And since I shall be coming here to tutor your daughters, it may be a rather unpleasant situation when she recognises me as her executioner," I replied.

"What a delicious phrase, to be sure!" Hortensia Dartman uttered a soft, husky laugh... "And may I ask what you have in that case, Mr.Meredith?"

"The tools of my profession, Madame," I retorted.

"Tools, I don't follow you."

"You asked me here tonight, Mrs. Dartman, to chastise your maid Lucy. I therefore believed you wished me to bring with me the necessary implements."

"Well! I could have furnished such things but I am impressed! Let us go into the old study room. My late husband was very fond of it, and did much of his writing and reading there. The drapes are very thick, the floor is thickly carpeted and my daughters will not be alerted to any crying out. There is also a very heavy sofa over which the naughty girl can be bent for her punishment."

The study room was, indeed, quite heavily furnished and perhaps an ideal place for corporal punishment. It was as close to being soundproof as any other room in this elegant mansion... Mrs. Dartman glanced around, made certain that all was in order, then pulled the bell-rope. A few seconds later, Lucy appeared with a questioning look on her pretty face.

"Come in and close the door behind you, Lucy," ordered Mrs. Dartman, quite curtly.

"Yes Madam. Did you wish something?" Lucy closed the door and then stared inquiringly at her mistress.

"Lucy, this man is Mr.Meredith -"

"I know who he is, Madam." the red-haired baggage flashed a smile at me.

"You are going to know him still better, Lucy. He is here as a tutor for Cynthia and Barbara, but he is also here to punish naughtiness. You have given me great cause for irritation over the last few months, Lucy, and tonight I have enlisted his services to give you the thrashing you have deserved for so long!"

"Mrs Dartman - you - you can't mean that - oh no, not by a man - it's unheard of!" Lucy was shocked and showed it, staring at me frantically, then back to her mistress, her cheeks reddening with fiery blushes...

"It will do you no good to plead or protest, my girl. I am quite decided. However I will give you the option of submitting quietly and then perhaps Mr. Meredith will be more lenient. If you resist, Lucy, you will have to be tied down and then it will become very painful for you!"

"...And you, Mr. Meredith, will do what I tell you to do," Hortensia Dartman hissed angrily. "That is why I engaged you. Now I want you to take this wicked girl, tie her wrists behind her back, then lay her face down across the sofa. Then you will peel up her outer clothing then take off her underpants, so that her bottom is well and truly bare for a sound thrashing!"
That sounds ominous! But oh dear, I'm out of time. I'll have to continue this tale next week. Must dash - bye for now!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent tale. Thank you for sharing. I am looking forward to reading more next week.


Roz said...

A cliffhanger? Nice story Hermione, looking forward to reading more next week.


an English Rose said...

Hi Hermione, nice story, can't wait for the next instalment.
love Jan.x

Hermione said...

Joey - Good. It get's better!

Roz - Yeah, thought I'd mess with your mind a bit:)

Jan - It's a real corker!


ronnie said...

I was just getting in the story and you had to go. Naughty.

Thanks Hermione.


Hermione said...

Ronnie - I know. I should be spanked!