Thursday, October 3, 2013


My husband has recently begun a new spanking tradition. When he decides that he has reddened my bottom sufficiently, he reaches for a handy spray bottle and spritzes my cheeks with water.

Sometimes his attentions have been so energetic that I think I need something more...

like a garden hose, turned on full blast,

then a fan on high speed to evaporate the water and speed up the cooling.

So this started me thinking. What else do I like after a spanking?

Fragrant lotion rubbed onto my hot bottom with gentle, circular strokes. Mmmm.

Ice cream, though not necessarily on my bottom. It would be perfectly acceptable in my tummy.

So would a nice slice (or two) of pizza.

Then some designer chocolate - dark, of course!

But best of all, I like cuddles.

How about you? What do you enjoy most after a spanking?

From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Oh yes Hermione, to all! I can especially go for the ice cream and chocolate :) Aftercare for us is kisses and cuddles ... Ah bliss!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post on aftercare ideas.

I really like having lotion rubbed on my bottom.


Unknown said...

Pizza and ice cream, served to me in bed. That would be nice but cuddling and rubbing is just as good!

Hermione said...

Roz - I go for cuddles first too.

Joey - Mmm, that's the best feeling.

R&K - Anything served in bed, that I don't have to cook, works for me.


Anonymous said...

That was so sweet. After, I like hugs and kisses mostly.

Katie said...

Cute post, Hermione!!! :) I'd love all those things too! I do love all the cuddling and kisses and holding after the spanky event most though! But then bring on the ice cream with perhaps some caramel sauce on top! Never thought of that before. I'll have to mention that to Rob! Lol! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

DelFonte said...

*cough* sex.... I mean a kiss and cuddle.....

Kenzie said...

Aw, how cute. Cuddles are the best. :)

ronnie said...


Lovely post.

Cuddles leading to other delightful pursuits and finish with a cup of tea:)


Aimless Rambling said...

Other delightful pursuits, as Ronnie so eloquently phrased it.

an English Rose said...

Cuddles and chocolate and lotion for me , oh and you know what as well thanks a lot
love Jan.xx

Erica said...

Cuddles first -- being held and soothed, caressed, massaged, kissed. Lotion is nice too. And later, chocolate!

*Bonnie* said...

Lotion is nice. Cuddles and kisses are good but what I really like after is sex!


Anonymous said...

Our favorite method is cuddling, and romantic sex. Beats ice cream, and works off calories
bottoms up

ricky said...

That is so beautiful!
I'm speechless . . .
Thank You for sharing,

Hermione said...

Sara - Me too!

Katie - Good idea, but I'll have chocolate sauce on mine.

DelFonte - we all know what you mean ;)

Kenzie - They sure are.

Ronnie - I'll go for that, although Ron would rather finish with a beer:)

Sunny - And we all know what she means:)

Jan - Yes, we know:D

Erica - Those cuddles are the best; much nicer than a "quickie".

*Bonnie* - Sometimes nothing else will do.

Red - Good advice for those of us watching our waistlines.

Ricky - My pleasure.


Terpsichore said...

cuddles, caresses, very nice!
Of course chocolate and ice-cream are great anytime! :-) Hugs

Lea said...

I like all of the things on your list. :-) Every day should end with ice cream and spankings.

Anonymous said...

After my wife spanks me I straddle her lap and we cuddle. Then comes the lotion and we talk. I love it when she touches my bottom but the talking is so open and honest I like that the most. Pizza and ice cream would be really good but I'm lactose intolerant. :(