Tuesday, October 8, 2013

You Completed the Caption

This caption from Very Demotivational made me smile, but your captions made me laugh!

Roz: Do I make you horny baby?

Simon: The problem with sax on the beach is that you can get sand in your instrument.

Underling: It's a little-remembered fact that the first Village People lineup included a female member (seen here in an early performance of YMCA). Soon after this shot was taken, it was decided that they already had a motorcycle cop, a construction worker, a native American, a biker, a soldier and a cowboy - they really didn't need a bather.

Ronnie: You play it and I'll sing it.

Michael: Twerking is not as new as we all thought.

Six of the best: "Six of the best, Six of the best" they all did shout with glee.
For this is what she deserves, as we splash here in the sea.

Ricky: Doin' the Black Bottom!

Prefectdt: Dorothy could not convince the band that she really was trapped in a glass box. They still thought that she was doing a mime.

GaryNTboy: Elizabeth just HAD to show the other band members the results of her new hair removing cream.

Bonnie: "When the tide comes in, I suggest you hold your instruments above your head like this."

"DB stands for Doofus Brothers."

"Raising the roof is just an expression."

Sir Wendel: “Who wants to play ‘Spanking to the Beat’? I call first whacks.”

DelFonte: Yes I own up, calling the band the Beach Boys was my idea.

Kingspan: By the sea shore a frolicking lass
So distracted a quintet of brass
That Conductor McBain
With the strokes of his cane
Drew a musical staff on her ass.

Vfrat25000: Look…I can hold up the sky?

The guy in the background standing in the surf: “Anybody seen a cruise ship around here?”

Talent Night: Mrs. Howell and the Gilligan Island Orchestra

All day and late into the night, Bianca rehearsed “Why Can’t You Behave!” on the beach with the entire orchestra from the Los Angeles production of “Kiss Me Kate!”
Apparently the producers were not very happy that their orchestra was sunburned and hung-over. Now it appears that two woman are getting spanked during this production of KMK

Thank you all for so much fun on the beach. Have a safe and happy week!
From Hermione's Heart

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