Tuesday, October 1, 2013

You Completed the Caption

This lovely sight generated an enthusiastic response. My apologies for the late publication date. The advantage was that it allowed more of you to contribute. Here are your captions:

Tim: 'Do cry for me Argentina!' :)

GaryNTboy: Why not try a nice bit of rump for a change ?

Anon: Spank? What mean spank? American tradition you say? I try, I try yes you spank me, American boy, you spank me now, I learn tradition.

 Janey: 'Also available in red'

Welcome, Janey!

Lady Koregan: I always thought The Great Divide was further north...

Bonnie: Southern hemispheres

Sunnygirl: Just begging to be spanked

Ronnie: Took me ages to get these on and still he doesn't notice me.

Disciplined Hubby: So that's what happened to my can of white paint.

Six of the best: "Don't cry for me Argentina". says the senorita. "For after they have bared my bottom, I'll cry most painfully, for the good caning I will receive from a handsome matador. "Ole, Olay. Ole, Olay.

Sir Wendel: Huh? What waistband? I didn’t notice a waistband.

Ricky: How does she keep her whites so white?
Because she has regular tune-ups?

Prefectdt: "If I'm lucky, wearing these pants will stop anyone from realising that I am French."

Vfrat25000: WOW! Antonio Vandalia, the Number 130 Driver, looks a LOT DIFFERENT when he is not in his racing gear!

I think you can skip the part about starting your engines. Ever since Anna Gonzales walked into the pit area most of the drivers' engines are already started.

LOOK AT THAT!!!!! Isn’t she beautiful? I have never seen anything like her!
Oh I so agree. She is PERFECT! Legs, bottom, everything.
What legs, what bottom?
Miss Argentina!
Oh, the girl. She is OK I guess. I was talking about the 2013 Lamborghini.

Who is that?
She’s the Lead Mechanic for Ferrari Racing. That lady can really handle a wrench! She tightened my transmission twice last night!

Foul…I call a foul big time. When is it fair to send a beautiful model into the drivers meeting right before the race starts and have her announce: “Anyone want to spank me? I am feeling very naughty.” Six of my drivers couldn’t find their cars and four others went the wrong direction on the track.

The long bean: The best meat should always be tenderised, now who can I find to do that?

Welcome, long bean!

Mitch: The recipe included: "Pound robustly, and heat to 325 degrees"

Baxter: Spank me until I cry and then I have something special for you.

Anon2: Argentina is home to the peaks of the beautiful Andes Mountains, but almost by definition a mountain a cannot seem as beautiful if not complemented by an equally perfect valley.

Anon3: Wow. You don't get too many of those to the pound.

Hermione: Charlotte was desperate to get the lead in Evita so she dressed carefully for the audition.

Thank you all for making me laugh this weekend. Come back tomorrow for a special spanking fiction treat.

From Hermione's Heart


Katie said...

Hi Hermione, :)

These were fun to read. You got some very creative responses! LOL!! Thanks for sharing! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Hermione said...

Katie - Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed them.