Monday, October 14, 2013

From the Top Shelf - Mrs Dickens, Part 2

Last week we started The Chastening of Mrs Dickens by S.T. Rogers. I'm sorry you had to wait a week for the rest of the story, but I know you will agree it was worth waiting for.

As you may recall, Emily has recently started working as a maid in a Victorian household. The year is 1986 but it might just as well be a hundred years earlier, for the house is run exactly as it would have been in the year 1896. Emily is hiding in a small storeroom and peering through a hole hidden behind a small landscape painting. Without further ado, let's find out what she sees.

"Have you missed me?" he hissed.

"Oh Master, I need your discipline so much. I have missed your firm hand and I deserve so greatly to be chastised but please do not be too harsh with me."

In the smallness of the room, Mrs Dickens' voice sounded hoarse yet was laden with lust. "I will deal with you in any way I see fit," snapped the young man. "Now adopt the position I have taught you."

The housekeeper, with an almost orgasmic moan, proceeded to straighten her long shapely legs and push out her bare bottom; arching her back to maximise the erotic effect. Without further ado the young Master began to smack the older woman's bottom with relish; each crisp, resounding blow delivered with a slow and precise conviction and alternating between each deliciously rounded cheek. Emily noted how Mrs Dickens' big white bottom, prettily framed by the black dress bundled around her waist, began to glow red beneath the Master's hand. Every inch of her posterior was systematically beaten by the expert hand of its tormentor; from the tops of the buttocks to the tops of her black silk stockings. And all the while the poignant noises of Mrs Dickens' chastisement echoed around the small study.

After what seemed an eternity of methodical punishment, Master Grimes began to increase the speed and ferocity of his blows.

"Oh Master, oh please sir..." sobbed the housekeeper, but Emily did not feel the least bit sorry for Mrs Dickens. She knew, with a woman's intuition, that the household matriarch was enjoying every minute of her 'ordeal'. Indeed, Emily realised that one of the most erotic aspects of the scene before her was the housekeeper's play-acting. Adding to the eroticism was the incongruity of the ages of the participants; Mrs Dickens was old enough to be the Master's mother, yet here she was bubbling and sighing like a soundly spanked schoolgirl for the young man's pleasure and amusement. But Emily knew that the pleasure was mutual and that knowledge brought a heady sensation which left her close to swooning.

"Now, now...there, there..." said Master Grimes soothingly, holding the woman to him by her slim waist and gently stroking her tanned posterior. After several moments he turned her round and manoeuvered her back to his mahogany bureau so that her bottom was pressed against its edge. He leaned forward and whispered something in her ear. With an expression of mock dismay, Mrs Dickens sat on the table, leaned back and slowly raised her legs in the air. Her white bloomers,which had fallen down to her ankles during the spanking, slid back over her knees and back to her thighs. Noticing this, the Master reached out, pulled them down her legs again and took them off completely.

Opening a drawer in the bureau, he then brought forth a leather tawse which he tested on his open palm before stroking it sensually over the delicate flesh of the woman's quivering rear. Mrs Dickens' light whimpering continued as Master Grimes took hold of her black leather ankle boots and pushed her legs back and up so that she was in a more satisfactory position for punishment to recommence.

As the tawse descended continually on the housekeeper's bottom, Emily observed a change in the woman's behaviour; her previous verbal remonstrations having been replaced by an almost inaudible moan - even though the beating had actually increased in intensity. As the young Master delivered numerous firm strokes with the tawse, Emily noticed that Mrs Dickens was wriggling her buttocks in an increasingly suggestive manner, almost mimicking sexual intercourse. Her movements were overtly feminine and deliberately sensual.

Master Grimes released the woman's legs so that she was obliged to maintain her rather awkward position without assistance, flat on her back with her long shapely legs pointing to the ceiling.

Eventually tiring of the position, the young Master ceased and fetched his high armless chair from behind his desk. He placed it in the middle of the room.

"Come here, girl!" he said scornfully as he settled in the chair and patted his knee. "I haven't finished with you yet." Emily could barely suppress a giggle at his use of the word 'girl' for a woman who was old enough to be his mother and the way Mrs Dickens hurried to obey his commands; tiptoeing in towards him, weak at the knees and rubbing her scarlet behind. Without fuss, the Master took her by the hand and pulled her over his knee, pausing to admire the redness of her rump before recommencing its torment. He delivered each stroke with the flat of his hand and, with the other, reached out and grasped her by the hair so that her head was held high and back.

The housekeeper, initially silent, began a low orgasmic moan which, growing in intensity, seemed to spur the hand of her punisher who increased the speed and vehemence of his strokes. The speed and ferocity of the spanking grew to a crescendo as did the movements of Mrs Dickens who was grinding and bucking her hips in response. The low guttural moan she had been emitting changed to a high pitched wail as she thrust her voluptuous bottom wildly towards the hand of her assailant.

Master Grimes, sensing the approaching climax of his housekeeper, stayed his hand in mid-stroke and rested it on the woman's soundly thrashed and scarlet backside. Finally Mrs Dickens threw back her head and uttered a final shriek of passion before the Master released his grip on her hair and she slumped forward exhausted and trembling, her thrusting hips gradually growing still. Master Grimes, his face flushed with exertion, smiled triumphantly and caressed her glowing bottom cheeks.


As Emily, dizzy with prurient thoughts, made her way to Susan's room afterwards, she struggled to maintain her composure. Her thoughts strayed continually to the events she had just witnessed. Before concealing the peephole and exiting the store room, she had witnessed the handsome Master holding Mrs Dickens very close, and tenderly caressing her burning bottom. She had only one question in her mind...when will it be my turn?

Wasn't that worth waiting for? But wait! There's more to come.

From Hermione's Heart


Our Bottoms Burn said...

I can only wonder about your "state" after typing this. hmmm. No, you are tech savvy and would scan it. Never mind. Good story and I am not much on victorian tales.

Awedbymywoman said...

That was a very exciting story - well told and descriptive. I'd had to wonder about anyone's "state" after reading such a tale. :) Personally, I also like the Victorian aura, even if it technically takes place in 1986.

ronnie said...


Well worth the wait. Thank you but do we really have to wait another week for more?


Aimless Rambling said...

Great story and as Ronnie said, worth the wait. Thank you

Hermione said...

Bogey - Well, let's just say my shower took a little longer this morning;)

Foothills - Victorian is a state of mind, and always enjoyable.

Ronnie - Yes, I'm afraid so. Those are the rules:)

Sunny - I'm pleased that you liked the second part.


garyntboy said...

WELL !!! I'm exhausted from reading this gripping yarn. You're a marvel Hermione, you really are. Next one please.....
Kind regards,

Hermione said...

Gary - And you shall have one, seven days from today. I want to give to a chance to recover your energy.


Anonymous said...

A fantastic story. When a story leaves you wanting more it's good and I do want more.