Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sunny's Meme - Just Wondering

Our good friend Leigh has created a meme for us all to wonder about.

Are you on Facebook? No. I am on the computer way too much as it is, and have no time for yet another diversion. Apart from that, I am concerned about possible privacy issues.

If the answer is yes, do you respond to what you consider stupid posts? N/a

Name one of your favorite bugaboos? (person, place or thing that really bothers you) Donald Trump. I simply can't imagine what would happen if he should become the U.S. president.

How many FB friends do you have? None (see above).

Assuming you have an email account, how often do you check? I have several, and check them all at least once a day.

Do you have more than one email account? Yes, I have one for work, another all-purpose vanilla account, one for a special list I am on because it didn't like the all-purpose account I was using, and my blogging account.

Do you twitter, or is it tweet? No, for the same reason I don't do Facebook. No time!

Do you have a mobile phone? Yes, I have a BlackBerry, but I don't use it much. It's good to have in case I need to call home or check my email when I am travelling, but that's about it.

Is it a smartphone or one of the old-fashioned kind? I guess it's a smartphone, unless BlackBerry is considered old-fashioned.

How often do you check for messages, text or otherwise? Not often, except when I am away from home. Would you believe I have never texted?

Do you get accused of being on the phone or computer too much? Phone - never. Computer - sometimes. iPad - oh, yes.

If so, by who? Ron will complain when he decides I have been playing my favourite games too much on the iPad. He thinks I'm obsessed (and he could b e right.)

Would you rather read on an e-reader or an actual book? I much prefer actual books. I have a Kobo reader but it is one of the early ones without lighting, so it's hard to use without an additional light source or a booklight. Also, I tend to skim rather than reading properly.
The title of the last book you read in any genre? I just finished A Dedicated Man by Peter Robinson, and have started his next book, Gallows View. They are detective stories that the TV series DCI Banks is based on. I am also currently reading Mary Berry's autobiography, Recipe for Life.

From Hermione's Heart


PK said...

You seem to be a well balanced, sane person - but I already knew that. If the Donald is elected, move over - your population will grow!

ronnie said...

Enjoyed reading your answers Hermione.

I don't do FB or Twitter either. God help the US and the world if Trump gets in.


abby said...

I find facebook is an easy way to stay in contact with family and friends who are not local. Trump scares the you know what out of me...
hugs abby

Hermione said...

PK - Unless the Donald builds a wall across our shared border!

Ronnie - It's got to be Hilary Clinton. There's no sane republican running this time.

abby - I know a lot of people who do Facebook but it's not for me.


Aimless Rambling said...

I don't do twitter either but I understand it's good for marketing your work, so maybe someday.

I'm very worried about Donald Trump too, although the other choices on either side aren't the greatest.

I liked FB because when I was on the road it was an easy way to keep up with friends.

Downunder Don said...

Your comment about Trump stired this up as a deluge of refugees from the US attempt to cross the border into Canada if he wins

I loved the other answers; I don't do Facebook, twitter etc and sometimes feel like an outcast and my mobile phone is around here some where if only I could be bothered to find it

Baxter said...

Wow your answers are much like mine. the only social media I do is Linkedin and only for professional purposes. If I did FB, then I would see charming photos of my great nephews and nieces but then I would probably get hooked. Oh well. and no I don't tweeter or twitter or whatever that is. And I agree - a President Trump would be bad for everyone - thank god the GOP is infighting but who knows if Trump or the party survive or both go away. Hillary or Bernie for me.


Lindy Thomas said...

Loved your answers Hermione. I love face book for keeping in touch with family mainly. Trump has certainly stirred up a lot of Americans. Is there going to be a mass exodus if he wins.
Hugs Lindy

Cat said...

Thanks for sharing your answers, Hermione. I am only on Facebook to keep track of my not on twitter and have no desire to be.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Hermione said...

Leigh - I agree, there isn't a lot to choose from.

Don - I can't see our Parliament approving that wall anytime soon!

Baxter - I'm glad I am not alone in turning my back on FB and Twitter.

Lindy - I expect they will claim refugee status here :)

Cat - Good idea to watch what's going on with the kids.


Terpsichore said...

fun to read your answers...i don't text on facebook but mostly to see pictures of family and desire to tweet... :-) hugs