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From the Top Shelf - Naval Discipline

Today I have a treat for you. It's one of the late Alex Birch's stories, which at one time was a running narrative for a series of very juicy illustrations. Alas, the pictures are lost, so you must use your imagination to picture the scene.

A Lesson in Naval Discipline

"You wanted to see me, Chief?"

"Let's start by getting my form of address right, Driscoll. It's CHIEF PETTY OFFICER STEWART when you get an official summons to my quarters, understand?! And yes I most certainly do want to see you!"

(Oh Christ, he's found out!)

"You were on morning watch at three bells, were you not, Driscoll? So why did Johnson stay on watch an extra half hour...because you weren't there! Explain!"

(Blushing) "I'm-I'm sorry Chief Petty Officer Stewart. I-I overslept. It-it won't happen again."

(Angry) "...And it's the third time, Driscoll! There are those of us, Driscoll, who objected to having a bunch of Mollies on board ship in the first place. Makes the men horny and the discipline gets slack. And you are the worst possible advertisement!"

(Hangs head) "I'm truly sorry, Chief Petty Officer Stewart.

"Do you know I should put you on a charge, Driscoll? Clap you in irons until your court martial comes up. And you'll know from Queens Regulations—if you'd ever read 'em—you will be stripped to your underwear while you're locked up for the rest of the voyage, for your own safety. Self harm and all that!" (That'll scare the silly cow!)

"Oh please, Chief Petty Officer, give me another chance! (Tearful) Please don't report me!"

"Very well, Driscoll, I might give you another chance if you're a good girl. Have you seen one of these before?"

"Y-yes Chief Petty Officer, (Oh my God!) it's a cane."

"Well that's your option, Driscoll. A good caning unofficially here in my quarters or put on report. What's it to be? I'll cure you of this slovenliness one way or the other!"

"Oh please, not the cane!"

"Very well. Then I will call for Johnson and Lambert to escort you to..."

"NOOOO ! I'll do it! I'll take the caning"

(Laughs) "I thought you'd see sense. Now turn and face the stool!"

"First of all, Driscoll, I'm sure you agree we are in a novel situation here...normal protocol suspended...and for the next half hour or so, you will address me as 'Sir' Is that clear?"

"Oh, yes Sir." (Why does it give me a little tingle to say that?)

"Go on girl, get bent over it!"

"Yes Sir. Please don't hurt me, Sir."

(Chuckles). "Wouldn't do you much good if I didn't, would it Driscoll?"

(Trembles) "No Sir, I suppose not."

"Right. Now get that skirt up!"

"My skirt, Sir? Oh no, please, when I agreed I thought......"

"...I was going to cane you through a thick layer of cotton. Well think again, Driscoll! Get it up NOW!"

(Whispering) "I-I can't, Sir, I just can't!"

"Have you got something under there other women haven't, Driscoll? Come on, I've seen what's under a woman's skirt before. Hurry up and obey..and here's a little incentive!"



"Now get on with it!"

(Smug and sarcastic) "Ah I see I had it arse about face, Driscoll! Now I see why you were so coy! You haven't got what all other women on this ship SHOULD have! You've got no panties on. Would you care to explain this breach of Queen's Regulations for Female Naval Personnel?"

(Blushing) "The-the ship is so hot, Sir, and when I have to work below decks, I get uncomfortably warm around my..around my...." (voice trails off in embarrassment)

(Wry amusement) "So you get a bit sticky down around the old welcome mat do you? Well what a shame! I'm sure all the lads on board will be leaving their jockeys off once this gets around? Equal opportunity and all that! Is this common among you ladies, Driscoll? Should we have a full, on deck, uniform inspection of all the girls?"

(Almost tearful) "I-I don't know Sir. Please, Sir, don't..."

"Well this further little piece of dumb insolence is going to add to your allotment, Driscoll. Get right over!"

"Aaaaaaaahhhhh, please Sir, that hurt!" (squeals loudly)

"Well what a surprise, Driscoll. Did it really? I had no idea. Of course I suppose it would just through that thin pantyhose. That'll teach you not to leave your panties off!"

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh...oh please, Sir, stop, my bottom is burning."

"My God, what are we breeding in the modern navy? Young sailors used to be strapped over a gun for fifty lashes of the cat at one time, Driscoll. You've had three cane strokes on your bottom and you're howling like a baby!"

(Tearful) "Yes, Sir, I'm sorry, Sir."

"Still as you've remembered your respectful form of address so far, maybe I can see my way clear to giving your bottom a bit of relief from the heat."

(Relieved sigh) "Oh thank you, Sir."

"That's quite alright, Driscoll. It suits me down to the ground to get some air to your bottom. Take your pantyhose down!"

"Oh please Sir, NOOOO!"

"Another refusal to obey a command and I'll add strokes!"

"Y-Yes Sir"

"Oh Sir please don't stare at me like that!"

"Don't tell me what to do, just bend over that stool again!"

(I know this is awful, but he looks so sexy and stern. I'm getting horny waiting for the cane with my bottom bare. He can see EVERYTHING!"

"Now you can give me a naval report, Driscoll. Tell me how much sharper it feels without your hose on!"


"Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh. Oh my God, Sir, it's awful. It's like a burning ember on my bottom."

"Excellent analysis, Driscoll. You might make a useful member of Her Majesty's Navy yet! Now get further over that stool. Lie right across it. I want your bottom right up in the air."

"That's it, girl. See you CAN obey orders if you work at it."

"Oh please Sir, (sobbing now) how many more? My bottom is roasting!"


"That's for your cheek, Driscoll. Two more cane strokes but don't think that's the end of your punishment!"

"Right, Driscoll, that's the end of your caning. Still alive, aren't you, for all that whining and bleating?"

"Yes Sir, I'm-I'm sorry Sir."

"Well I don't think that's enough. You need to be taught a good lesson. You are a serving sailor, not a little girl who sleeps in on a Saturday until mommy wakes her up. Is that clear, Driscoll?"

(whispers tearfully) "Yes Sir."

"Good. We agree that you have behaved like a spoilt child and you deserve a spoilt child's punishment. So you can start by getting all your clothes off. Come on! Naughty girls get spanked in the nude, Driscoll!"

(Submissively) "Yes, Sir. Whatever you say, Sir."

"D-Do I have to do this in front of you, Sir?"

"You most certainly do, Driscoll! It's called a test of character!"

"T-This is really humiliating, Sir."

"Really? Well maybe you won't oversleep in future. Get on with it!"

"Don't try delaying tactics, girl. You'll only get more when you're over my knee if I lose patience!"

"S-sorry Sir, my skirt zipper's stuck."

"Well hurry up or I'll rip it off!"

"I'm trying, Sir...ah there...done it...do I really have to take my shirt off too?"

"Everything, I said. Mind you you can leave your hat on. Might remind you that you ARE in the Navy! Something needs to!"

"Ah now isn't that lovely. I must admit you have quite a beautiful figure, Driscoll! You're certainly not a little girl after all, are you?"

(Looks embarrassed). "Please don't say things like that. I've never done this in front of a man before, Sir. I'm so ashamed."

"And so you should be, my girl! Not for being naked in front of me but for breaking another of the Queen's Regulations vis a vis underwear. You're not wearing a bra either!"

"I never do Sir, I- I hadn't realised..."

"Because you don't study regulations, my girl and for that you will be punished severely. I was just going to hand spank you but now I'll take a slipper to your bottom!"

"Oh no, please! Not after my caning. My bottom..."

"...is very sore no doubt—and about to get worse. Now come here and lie across my lap!"

"AAAAAHHHH! Oh my God. Please, Sir, that really hurts!"

"Of course it does. Especially on top of those cane stripes—and it's going to hurt a lot worse before I've done with you!"

"Please, Sir, if you stop this I'll do anything for you—and I mean anything!"

"You cheeky little tart! A minute ago you were pleading your innocence about stripping in front of me and now you're offering sexual favours. I'll add a few more for that!"

"AAAAAAAAAAHHH! Oh, no more please, Sir. My bottom is scalding hot."

"And so it should be, you little trollop. I'll teach you to try and seduce a superior. Take that...and that!"


"Stop your bleating and lie further over. Come on, get that nice big bottom right up."

"Oh Sir, This is degrading. You're treating me like a naughty child. This is worse than being caned."

"Yes, I thought you might feel slightly embarrassed, Driscoll, in this position. But you'll have to learn to take it with a stiff upper lip. You're in the British Navy!"

"Oh dear God, please Sir, stop! I'm burning up. I can' t take any more. OWWWWWWWWWWWW"

"You are strange creatures, Driscoll, you women. I believe you are in quite a bit of distress, but I can see quite clearly that one part of you is becoming very moist!"

(Oh God he can see that? I will never recover from the shame of this)

"But as I'm sure you can feel, Driscoll, you're not the only one becoming aroused. And I think I've beaten you enough. Stand up and face me!"

"You are quite a pretty sight, Driscoll, with a face almost as red as your bottom. And you shave so neatly down there."

"Oh please, Sir, don't make comments like that. You are humiliating me."

"Indeed I am, Driscoll, but I have let you off about 15 minutes of intended punishment so consider yourself lucky!"

"I-I'm very grateful, Sir."

"Are you indeed, my girl. Just how grateful would that be?"

"I-I don't know what you mean, Sir."

"Well seeing as you made an offer less than ten minutes ago you should know exactly what I mean. I'm sure you're not that stupid. You are aware that the Navy is called 'The Senior Service', Driscoll? Well here is one Senior who needs servicing very urgently. So get to it or you'll find the cane across your bottom again!"

(Licks her lips in anticipation) "OH SIIIIIIRRRRRRR!"

From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Hi Hermione, that was some story! I think he was enjoying himself far too much! Thank you for bringing us another great story :)


opsimath said...

Another winner, Hermione! It's so good to see Alex Birch stories again, and you are a special lady for bringing them to us!

My very best wishes as always and thank you once again for this wonderful blog.


ronnie said...

Hermione, loved your choice of story. really enjoyed it. Thanks.


Baxter said...

that was a good one

Hermione said...

Wow! I'm delighted that you liked this one. I have more, and I do not feel that the lack of pictures lessens their impact (pun intended:)


Anonymous said...

Has the "METO" finally brought female out of the shadow of males and showed them as they truly are, the backbone, the fabric, that it is the sexual nature of the female that really controls the world. Is is not the "METO" movement that shows the males are only interested in one thing and that is sex.
I'm married to a older woman, five years, she was way ahead of "METO", she used her sexual advantage to level the playing field. Males tend to do as they please, females are more caring of others. My wife while dating had some rules and I have learned to obey them. Mostly respect for others, respect her. I challenged that knowing what would happen, but betting it would not. Stayed out late with the boys, next morning was lectured to by my wife, reminded of our agreement. Punishment which I agreed to was a spanking, and trust me I regret that to this day. She reminds me if men think women should be spanked then what is wrong with women spanking men. I'm spanked over her lap, my bottom is bared, a hairbrush is used and no pleading, saying sorry will end the spanking sooner. She insures I remember the spanking, and I always must face the wall displaying my red bottom, no matter who might show up. Be a good "little boy" she tells me and I would not have to face the wall. So what do males or females feel about this change that is happening?