Monday, May 28, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 27

Do your spankings ever contain an element of fun?

abby: Many of our spankings are just plain fun. What makes them fun? Our "mood" for one; we are more likely to tease each other, to egg each other on, the 'toys' that are used....they are usually the 'lighter' toys, or the ones we enjoy the most. I guess what makes the biggest difference is our banter...we are both quick with a comeback...and we often surprise each other...and of course the laughter...Fun spankings are just so very,! hugs abby PS...thanks for the news on blogger, at least I know it is not something I did..

Roz: Similar to Abby, many of our spankings were for fun also and it's the mood and interactions between us that made them fun. We started with spanking for fun only, either as a prelude to sex, which may at times have included a bit of role play, or spanking alone. We then broadened the scope to include role affirmation and discipline spankings.

Thank you for the PSA on blogger Hermione.

NoraJean: Although not new to impact play within a long term bedroom only D/s relationship, we are new to the idea of spanking in and of itself, within the context of a new to us ttwd/DD relationship. As such, almost all our spankings are fun. Our nickname for our maintenance spankings is JFF ... 'just for fun'. Specifically there is fun in the foreplay (putting on the lingerie he wants me to wear, deciding the position), the interaction between us during the spanking and of course the sex after. We don't foresee anything as serious as 'punishment' happening in our version of ttwd but there has been the occasional 'discipline' scenario. Maybe those haven't been as much fun :)

arched one: Although Robyn is not adverse to correcting me with discipline when called for, many of the spanking I receive are for fun and to spice up our sex lives. We also enjoy role play to add to the spice.

Yorkie: My wife hates spanking me but does it anyway as she knows how much happier it makes me. She truly is a gem. So, my spanking sessions have, sometimes, been a bit on the serious side. However, we are both learning to have fun with this thing we do and there have been some lighter sessions but I do love a damned good beating so my enjoyment does come from the intensity of the session and the subsequent high but as I said we are learning to combine the intensity with some normalisation such as silly banter and make it as pleasant an activity for her as possible.

Anon: Role play with my older girlfriend is how we have fun with spankings. She will be the Mommy, Boss, Policewoman, a variety of roles. We do not just role play at home, but on vacation, which is really great, the looks on strangers. One such time while I was being spanked, been a naughty little boy, a knock on the hotel door, my girlfriend said, busy, but you can come in, this young lady came in, see me over the lap, she looked shocked, thought someone was getting a spanking, and then she left. I stood up, laughing, my erection was long and hard, we made love there in the front room, something about be caught, boy that was great sex. We did see the young lady a couple of days later, explained what were doing, she understood. She wished her boyfriend would playfully spank her, my girlfriend smiled, join us if you wish it is all in fun.

Rosco: It was only one swat, but a sexy brat named Mary spit some sticky gooey slurpee on me through a straw. I chased her and gave her a good smack on the bottom. My penis hardened immediately. She slipped away, and I was going for more when one of her “mature” friends stepped in and adminshed us both.

Darn. Sometimes I think about bumping into her and finishing the spanking she deserved, with interest.

Sir Wendel: We try to make all spankings fun no matter how sore our bottoms will be afterwards. Spankings at Halloween are always fun since we like to dress in costumes.

A.J.: Ever? ALL of them!! Whether giving or receiving they were all in fun. And sexy. Never did, because I don't believe in them and probably could not do them, 'punishment' type spankings.

This does not mean to say that we never got on the wrong side of each other on the rare occasion and dished out a few, "You deserve this!!!!" kind of quick smacks that had a little more "Ooomph!" than usual, but no; everything was for the fun of it.

Fondles: Most of them are FUN. once in a while I feel the need for penitence and that's when the "serious" spanking happens. But otherwise, it's FUN FUN FUN. and our spankings tend to be 99% spontaneous.

Hermione: Ron often taps out specific rhythms on my bottom with a paddle,and that always makes me laugh. Sometimes I have to guess what song he is tapping. He often says silly things to lmake me laugh, and I always hope I can remember them to share with you, but alas, I never do!

From Hermione's Heart

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