Sunday, May 6, 2018

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #226

Welcome back, dear friends. It's always good to see you at brunch.

As you may recall, I have published several stories that involve people being sentenced to corporal punishment as the result of committing certain crimes. I confess I have a fascination with the idea. The practice will probably never be instituted, although it was once a common occurrence in prisons. (I have seen the actual spanking bench and straps used.) But it might possibly act as a deterrent and thus ease the problem of overcrowded prisons. Let's use our imaginations for this one.

What crimes or misdemeanors do you feel should be punished by spanking? Do you feel the sentence should be delivered for less serious crimes, or reserved for the most heinous? Would it work as a deterrent?

Your opinions can be serious or frivolous—whatever suits your mood. Leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our discussion on Monday.
From Hermione's Heart


Eric51Amy49 said...

Eric and I like to "play" corporal punishment in a school setting, to get out of a speeding ticket or jail time but in the real world, not sure it would have an affect. So many criminals seem to take their own lives or expect to be shot in the act - if death isn't a deterrent, would a spanking work?

Baxter said...

Politicians that lie.

Anonymous said...

Spanking should be an option for minor driving offenses, for things like texting when driving, road rage, and throwing trash out of a car window.

WendelJones said...

People who text while driving definitely deserve a good OTK paddling.

The last time the Misses came home with a speeding ticket I spanked her until she couldn’t sit. She hasn’t gotten one since.

ronnie said...

Shoplifting is the only one I can think of at the moment.


Roz said...

Interesting question Hermione, minor traffic offences and shoplifting are the only things I can think of too at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Hitchhiking when in my twenties, a small town in the South, got caught shoplifting some candy bars. The owner was an middle age lady, very Motherly looking. She informed me that in this town only children steal candy and if caught she spanks them. That is when I wish was taller than I was, she was taler. I said nothing, was told either she would call the police or address the problem herself. I left that store, glad I was walking, my bare bottom was very red, warm, stinging. Never knew as an adult a spanking could hurt so much and over her lap just like a naughty little boy.

Anonymous said...

As a male, my girlfriend acts childish at times, she tells me that is what female of all ages can do, no matter how old. She enjoys teases me in public, in front of her mother, and her best friends. I took the teases for so long and threaten her with a spanking, saying naughty little girls get spanked. She said not at her age and it took sometime before I did give her the spanking she needed. So if a woman wishes to act childish, then the male should address the childish behavior properly. Oh I did enjoy spanking her, especially when I decided to pull her panties down, should have done it long time ago.

Bernie said...

It might reduce the recidivism rate for minor offenses (littering and jay-walking come to mind).

I doubt that there would be much deterrent effect before the first time. You might even get the opposite effect with spanko wannabees.

Windy said...

These are not misdemeanors, but they should be !! 1) Talking in the movie theater
2)Having to wait over 25 minutes at the doctor's office 3) Delivering a pizza with the wrong toppings 4) Putting your dirty clothes turned inside out in the laundry pile 5) Long overdue library books 6) Not having coins ready at the toll road. 7) Construction signs up and lanes all blocked off when there is clearly no construction taking place for miles. And, yes, I think a spanking would work well in all those situations! :)

Anonymous said...

My wife a few years older has her own set of rules and punishment. I accepted but dreaded the punishment. Several speeding tickets, trips to court, paying the fines, and getting lectured by the judge. After the third ticket in six months, my wife told the lady judge that she knew a way to address this problem and should have done it after the first speeding ticket. The drive home, she was driving, was quiet, until we walked in the house. Your car keys she said sternly and i handed them to her, we have a bike, your transportation for the next month. I looked at her, she had that stern look and said your getting a spanking, it had been awhile, I pleaded, begged, promise no more speeding tickets, she was not listening. I was soon across her lap, bare bottom in position and she really warmed my bottom. I danced around the room, rubbing and she had enough and told me best face that wall. When I was finally allowed to leave the wall, she said I would be getting a spanking prior to bed and best do as told the rest of the day. She kept me busy alot of chores were completed. The spanking I got prior to bed was even harder than the one earlier and I slept on my stomach that night. Riding the bike to work was not easy, my bottom still sore from the spanking. I was glad when the month was over, but she warned me.