Monday, May 21, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 20

Today is Victoria Day, when we Canadians celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria as well as the birthday of our present monarch, Queen Elizabeth. Happy birthday, ma'ams!

Now on to our question of the week: do you write about spanking?

Windy: Up until recently, I was just reading romance novels, some with spanking type stuff, some not. I preferred to read fiction.

Then about 2 months ago, I was reading real blogs by ladies with dd/ttwd type personal stories because I found them through your site, H and Bonnie's. And for the first time, I commented here anonymously, then signed up a week later just to contribute to your Captions and Brunches, as you know. Almost two weeks ago, I started my own blog and joined the ttwd community. So now I am sharing my true stories that often include some aspect of spanking.

GREAT question!!!

Welcome to blogging, Windy! I have added you to my blogroll.

Baxter: I have written quite a bit of my own fiction, based loosely upon real events as the starter and then the fiction takes off from there. I have never shared it. I also love to read spankng stories, real or fiction and enjoy those that give me signifiant arousal.

KDPierre: I've done a bit of writing as you well know. ;-)

Some of my stories are fictionalized accounts of actual events. Others are fictional plots with characters based directly on people I know. And others are total fiction, but written with firsthand experience in how ttwd works in real life.

All of my stories can be found on my website that is linked through my blog and most of my stories are also on the Library of Spanking Fiction.

Amy: I have our blog and I've done a couple of Fantasy Fridays with PK. I write mostly about Eric and me, though when he travels I'll do some fictional stuff to make the time go by.

Roz: I am more of a reader. The only writing about spanking I have done has been on my blog.

arched one: I have written spanking letters to my wife, she enjoys reading them and usually comments on them. Reading spanking stories, I prefer real life or fantasy written well so one could believe it could happen in real life. I also prefer women spanking me (as my wife spanks me) to get the males' feelings on being spanked and why they accept spanking. Some real good stores also give the wife/girlfriend's view on why they spank.

Anon 1: The pictures of F/m spankings I write as if it was I being spanked. With [pictures of[ older women I can come up with more stories. Trying to come out I’ve tried, no luck.

Anon 2: The person who spoke of F/m spanking I wish to add this. I'm seeing a mature woman, do not have the nerve to bring up my desire. We have great sex, but if I could tell her of my spanking desires it would be totally wonderful. I cannot explain this desire, had it for as long as I can recall. I find pictures on different blogs of mature women spanking. It is those pictures with that look a woman has, it is the look of the one being spanked that get my attention. If there is room on the picture I will put my story on the picture, if not will attached and then write my story. It is always told with the mature woman speaking and me responding. The best ones are when the woman tells me that I must call her "Mommy", since Mommies spank naughty little boys. I have a collection hidden in the bathroom, one that I really get enjoyment is of a woman spanking me, then standing, rubbing, my shorts and underpants around my ankles and she is hold my penis saying "are you going to play with that again husband of mine, or should I be the Mommy and spank you for being a naughty little boy, I say I'm sorry and she sternly tells me to face the wall, no rubbing, talking and if someone drops in, better not move, or will get a spanking in front of that person. We all have our sexual desires, this is the safe way for me, so if I need to masturbate to fill this desire I do, it is not hurting anyone. The sexual fantasy at its best is what is in your mind. You asked the question I answered it, and coming out, to admit I sit on the toilet, naked, looking at F/m pictures and reading what i wrote or looking and coming up with the story while I masturbate, I don't think one can be more open and replying to what you asked.

Thank you for your honesty and openness.

Leigh: Yeah I've written about spanking a time or two.

Anon 3: I am currently writing a story that starts with me in everyday autobiographical life and eases into fantasy. I have a long way to go on it and have not shared it with anyone. I prefer reading real life stories.

Ronnie: As you know I have a blog and write about the spankings I get from my nearest and dearest. I've done one or two fictional stories for PK's Fantasy Fridays.

Yorkie: I write about my own experiences plus some fantasy stories. I put some of my stories up on some forums that are now defunct and nowadays only my wife reads them. She prefers my recollections of the spankings she gives me as she loves to know about my feelings and what I'm thinking.

Rosco: So much to say here. Mostly I like to read stories that are at least sort of believable. But my own fantasies are not that realistic and generally involve lack of explicit consent.

When my wife and I engage in this stuff, I certainly pretend it is for real. Asking her "to spank me harder" would diminish the mood.

I haven't written much but think about doing my own website often. There are several reasons why I have not:

1. I would really hate to get caught - especially by my (grown) kids.
2. People don't seem very interested in reading stuff from a male submissive.
3. Some of my stories/fantasies emanate from my youth. I worry about legal and social repercussions of writing such stories.

Hermione: Since this is a blog about spanking, then the answer would have to be "yes". If you search the archives, you will find that over the years I have written less and less about my own spankings. This is largely because the occurrence has become a routine in our home, and there isn't a lot that is different or blog-worthy from week to week. Describing each one would become repetitious. But I do enjoy reading other bloggers' true accounts of their own percussive activities.

I enjoy reading spanking fiction but find it very difficult to write, and have only produced a handful of fictional stories.

Thank you all for joining in the discussion this week!
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Thank you Hermione. Happy Victoria Day! We celebrate Queen's Birthday the first Monday in June here.


Windy said...

Wow, THANK YOU, for adding me to your blog roll, H !! I am thrilled !! YAY! I will continue coming here as I enjoy your brunches and captions so much !

Anonymous said...

I have a very understanding wife, when dating and during our fun time I found thinking of spankings brought her more enjoyment, I would not tell her what I was thinking. I also enjoyed looking at F/m pictures and in my mind come up with stories. When alone I would sit on the toilet naked, stroking my penis looking at these pictures and seeing me as the one who was getting spanked. Older women were the ones that I really enjoyed.
Like everything, no matter what, it comes out, as was my activity. My girlfriend was I thought away on business and I was doing my thing, I had not heard the door opened but when I saw her looking at me, penis in hand, naked, pictures on the floor I said nothing.
She picked up the pictures, looked at them, smiled, then said finish and she watched as I finally cum. Told to wash myself and then she shock me, so this is what you think about when we make love, like it she said. Now let me return the favor and to the front room we went, she pulled a chair to the middle of the room, told me to get over her lap, and applied her hand on my bare bottom, not bad at all, after several spanks told to stand up, she took her purse and pulled out a hair brush, sat back down and over her lap I went. It did not take long for me to react and when she finished I danced around the room, rubbing. She stood up and hugged me, rubbing my spanked bottom, is this what you want she said, I said yes. Throw away those magazines she said, I gathered them up and handed them to her. Thinking this was over I thanked her and she said not done yet, face that wall, yes Mam I said and stood there for fifteen minutes. I was then told to get dress. She is now my wife and spankings are the norm, they hurt, suppose to, spanked not only at home but even when on vacation. Thankful to have a very understanding wife, a very nice lap to lay across, and her love warming my bottom. The only part I wish would change I'm told to undress, stand naked in the front room, get a scolding and the part she just started, I must masturbate, she knows the spankings hurt more, enjoys seeing me stroking my erection, enjoys seeing me cum.

Anonymous said...

If it were not for blogs on spankings and the magazines many like myself would be saying and asking a woman something they prefer not to do. Trust me I have tried a few times, given up. I have a nice condo, great job, dating is slow and so I look at the blogs and magazines and sometimes write what is happening, why the spanking, all the aspects. I have a cleaning lady, not one to clean and so can afford to hire. She is a good friend, have confided in her over the years, she really old enough to be my mother and she is a good listener. Well she found the magazines and my stories and was still there when I got home from work. Interesting reading young man she said, not surprised, I just looked and said something to read. Better hide them better she said with a smile and then added a woman will come along. I piked them up and hid them and the subject was never brought up again. I have written a story where she does give me a spanking, a mature woman with a strong arm and her lap so large and wonderful to lay across.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy looking at your blog, mostly naked, safe sex, always have a towel available. I think of stories looking at the pictures, mostly an older woman spanking younger men, I react very quickly to such. In this day and age, it is best to be careful about your sexual desires, and to show respect to women, which I have always done. Living in an apartment complex, know pretty much everybody, especially friend with the middle age lady who lives below me. She drops in with goodies all the time, or just to see how my day at work was. She more like a mother hen, insuring I say out of trouble.
I finally go into trouble and it was her coming in, I was at the computer in my bedroom, naked, masturbating looking at your great blog. She I don't know how long was there and when I realized I stopped and just looked at her. She smiled, said not surprised, shocked me. I reached for the towel to cover myself. She asked if I really wanted a spanking, I admitted I did. She walked up to me, grabbed my ear well let see how you react and before I knew it she was sitting on the bed, I was over her lap, she secured me and when she finished I danced around the room, rubbing, and she was smiling, is that what you wanted, I looked at her and then sat on her lap, buried my head on her shoulders and said yes. Stand up she said and I did, I will give you spankings, but I will also find the right girl for you. She did give me other spankings, she was an angel sent I knew.