Sunday, May 13, 2018

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #227

 Welcome to our weekend brunch, when we have the opportunity to discuss a topic related to the percussive activity we all enjoy so much.

Speaking of enjoyment, sometimes a spanking does not go as planned. Something goes wrong, and the occasion is not a pleasant one. Today's topic was suggested last week by an anonymous reader, and I think it bears some consideration.

What is the worst spanking you ever received or gave? What makes it the worst? Is there something you could have done while it was happening? Did you learn something from the experience?

Leave your response as a comment and I will publish a summary of our conversation on Monday.

From Hermione's Heart


Eric51Amy49 said...

I can think of two examples and both happened in the very beginning. Eric was so worried about being too hard on me, that first "swat" got a look from me like, "Uh... that's all you got?" LOL. The other example was when we tried our first "role play" and I just thought he was such a cute tough guy, I was beaming and grinning to the point that he threw up his hands, announced that this was not working, and walked away. In both instances, we learned that communication is key and that this whole spanking thing is actually a partnership, a dance as it were.

abby said...

IT was at least 19 years ago...maybe more. We had been mis-communicating all day..both of your faults. He decided I needed a 'barn-burner' spanking...I leaned over the chair, it was short, but with the large paddle and all hard ones. He finished I got up and stomped up the stairs ignoring Him telling me to come back, I stopped at the top and heard Him say come back we are not done. I almost just kept walking out the door, I was furious....but I stopped and walked back down the stairs...and he pulled me in for a big bear hug, and pulled me on his lap so we could talk it out. It could have ended very differently ....but I am so glad it did not.
hugs abby

Anonymous said...

A bad spanking - is there really such a thing? Perhaps one that never really got started.

The cute, high energy, flirty but bratty Monica finally crossed the line by spitting sticky gooey slurpee on me. I chased her and landed a solid swat on her bottom. But she got away and I chased her again determined to giver her the punishment she deserved and seemed to be asking for.

But then in stepped Molly who told us both to grow up. What a bitch.

- Rosco

Roz said...

Two spankings come to mind. Rick was away and I was going to visit my parents which involved driving a notorious stretch of road which included a small, very windy mountain pass and I was returning after dark. I failed to check in and let him know I was home again (also a rule at the time). Poor Rick was beside himself with worry and the spanking that followed was a serious one which included a few different implements. What made it more memorable was the emotion and feelings involved on both our parts. Not a 'bad' spanking but definitely memorable.

The other occasion was one time something very minor had happened, which wouldn't usually have upset Rick at wll, but he spanked me with no prelude or aftercare, which is unheard of. I was left angry, upset and confused. We talked after and he apologised and admitted he was just using an excuse to try out a new implement. He could, of course have done so in a fun/play setting. Needless to say it never happened again.


Anonymous said...

Like I say to my wife, there is no such thing as bad sex. Any time I can be intimate and connected to my wife is always good. As my spankings are always erotic and turn me on immensely, I am of the same opinion about spankings for the same reasons as for sex.


Anonymous said...

My wife is the head of the household, most males would not want to admit that. There was a picture I saw that showed a husband just spanked, kneeling before his wife and her mother sitting "taught her well" above her head, that is my situation. The worse spanking was on the first visit to my mother-in-law, a year after our marriage. I have an attitude my wife addresses at the time, I was warned about that, plus my behavior, I have to have my way, man of the house attitude. It is a good two days trip and she reminded as I drove she was not hesitate giving me a spanking. At the hotel stepping out of the shower prior to going to dinner, she showed me the dreaded hairbrush and I knew I better be good. It was the third day that I messed up, my wife pointed to the bedroom, my mother-in-law with a smile on her face. In the bedroom my wife waster no time, I was to undress, no pleading, I did and stood naked, she scolded me for a long time and then over her lap. I know my mother-in-law could hear and I could not help it. Once the spanking was done I was told to put my underpants on, i was to face the wall in the front room, I looked at her and she had that look and with a grip on my arm I was led to the front room. My mother-in-law looked at me, sure is loud is he, my wife smiled, always. I stood facing the wall, my mother-in-law soon was standing behind me, these are not needed young man and down came my underpants. That is better, very good job dear, I said nothing. The rest of the time there was okay, the next to the last day I showed the spanking did not correct the problem. Over my wife lap in the bedroom, a few swats already landed and my mother-in-law walked in. Let me spank him she said and sure enough I was spanked my my mother-in-law and she was harder than my wife. But thinking once I stood up it was over, I was wrong. She said we were going shopping and at the mall my mother-in-law went to the little boys department and found some pajamas, told the sales rep something that would fit me, saying her grandson was about that size. We were no sooner back home that my wife told me to put them on and I protested, those spanks really hurt and I soon was wearing them. Cute my mother-in-law said, my wife agreed, and I felt very little. Go face the wall young man I was told by my wife, and lower the bottoms, I did as told and both talked and enjoyed the view. When we did arrive back home, she waited a couple of days and to remind me I had been in her words a naughty little boy, I got a spanking that was the worse ever and then having to wear my pajamas for the remaining day and then put to bed early, to this day I dread when I hear jammie time.

Anonymous said...

I dated this woman (early 30's) I was mid 20's, she was brought with a silver spoon in her mouth. This I learned shortly after seeing her, I thought I could handle it. We were staying at a nice beach front home we rented for a week. Been out to dinner, met a couple that rented the home next to us, nice couple. Well my girlfriend decided to show her true colors and I was polite and asked her to be nice, she smiled and I then said your acting like a spoiled little girl who needs a spanking, she just looked at me and was not going to believe me. A couple of mornings later as she was stepping out of the shower, I watched her dry off and commented how beautiful she was, she smiled and wrapping the towel around her self told me she would be done soon. I took hold of her arm and lead her to the bedroom I had a chair in the middle of the room and soon had her across my lap. Won't be needing this and raised her enough to remove the towel. I head how dare you, I'm to old, don't you dare, but soon my hand was landing on her bare bottom and she tried to get off but I had a strong grip. She finally was pleading and promising to be good, I told her she best do as I say from now on, she agreed, I then reached under the chair and pulled out her hairbrush. She saw it, please, NO, I'll be good, but I applied it and enjoyed how she was squirming, crying, and when i stood her up she danced around the room rubbing, crying. I told her naughty little girls will be given a spanking, and you have been a very naughty little girl have you not, yes she said. When we got back home, visiting her mother, she told of the spanking, my mother-in-law smiled, lets go to the bedroom dear and both left the room. Returning she said very nice, still red, must have been very naughty. I said she was and a couple of days later the mother-in-law called, her daughter was out shopping, she shocked me, she said she wished her husband would have spanked their daughter while growing up. I said she should have spanked her and then I said maybe that is what you want now, a spanking. It went quiet on the other end, then she said I agree, but would you even think of spanking me, I said have a nice day and hung up. I dated her daughter for another year or so, she did receive other spankings, but that first spanking she said was the worse and I must agree.

Anonymous said...

Males do not understand that their privates at times we females are interested in, at other times we could care less. The worse spanking I have ever given was a boyfriend that I caught masturbating, looking at spanking magazines, and was naked sitting on the toilet, I caught him only because I drop by unexpected and heard him in the bathroom. The look on his face, his hand on his privates, I was shocked, speechless for a second or two. Stand up I said sternly, don't get enough, he said nothing, disgusting I said. He tried to explain, said he was sorry, but I would not hear any of it. Not being done I told him to finish and watched as he stroked, not looking at me and finally finish. Giving him a wash cloth I told him to clean up and picking up the magazines I said is this what you want for me or any woman to spank you. He said nothing. I told him to get dress and I took him to my place, nothing said on the way, but once at my place I told him to go to the bedroom, undress and best do as told. He did as told and I got my hairbrush from the dresser and told him to get to the front room and swatted his bottom and then told him to place the chair from the kitchen table in the middle of the room. I had him across my lap and started to spank his bottom, he protested at first and I just spanked harder. His worse nighmare had to come true when the lady next door hearing the noise walked in as she always did and saw me spanking him. She took a seat and watched and sure enough he had to make a comment. Young man I spank harder and I would suggest you think about that. When I finished he danced around rubbing, and complaing about my neighbor, she stood up, don't listen do you and asking for the hairbrush he was soon across her lap and was pleading begging. I told her why I was spanking him and she really applied the brush. When she finished she told him grab hold of your little pee pee and sure enough he did it. Stand over there, we want to see you holding it, he did as told. When the lady got up to leave, she smiled, make sure he is not ready for sex, the spankings are more effective. He said he was sorry, looked so cute standing naked, holding his penis, and I had him stand for a good thirty minutes. He is my husband now, and he does masturbate prior to his spankings, still holds his penis afterwards, and has learned that us females could care less about his manhood when he is a naughty little boy and as a wife we find are self having to be the Mommy and spank our naughty little boy. He admits to this day that first spanking was not what he wanted even though he wanted to be spanked and he felt very little especially having to hold his penis while two women looked at him.

Anonymous said...

Dating an older woman while living in an apartment complex. She lived below me and we just hit it off. I was in my 20's, she was in her 50's, the relationship just grew. She was acting different and asking what was happening she smiled and said nothing. She wanted to use the spa which was in the rec room and having never done before figure why not. Once inside I started to turn in on and she said that was not necessary and said she needed to talk to me. Your getting a spanking she said, and you will improve your behavior understand. I was shocked, and just looked at her, she said I better do as told, a friend of her was willing to help and was sitting in the rec room. I said nothing as she pulled my swim suit down and told me to step out of it. Over my lap young man and cornered I did and soon was kicking squirming pleading and she spank me soundly with just her hand. I was rubbing, dancing around and went to put on my bathing suit, she picked it up and said I'm not done. She took me naked back to her place, her friend smiling looking at me and told her would see her in the morning. Get to the bedroom she said and when she picked up the hairbrush I begged, pleaded, but she applied that soundly. I slept with her and in the morning, she placed a pillow on the chair for me to sit on. After breakfast I hugged her, said I was sorry, she understood and told me that my punishment was not over, dreading another spanking i found out I had to face the wall, display my spanked bottom, that was for twenty minutes. I went back to my place, showered, got dress, the neighbor lady saw me later in the day, going to be good she said, and I said Yes Mam. That was a spanking I will never forget.

Anonymous said...

Funny, when I first read the question I thought it was about a spanking that didn’t work for some reason, not one that was especially hard or embarrassing.

My wife Irene spanks me once a week or so, usually but not always prior to reverse cowgirl cunnlingus and other related activities. The spankings are certainly consensual but once we start it’s important for me to play the part of a naughty boy getting what he deserves. Irene tells me that she really does like to hurt me a bit. I would describe all her spankings as Intense but not severe. She leaves my bottom tender for several days, but never really bruised or worse.

But there have been times when she’s been less than careful with whips or other implements and the lash wraps around and gets me on the hipbone. A few times she’s also mistakenly struck my testicles with force. Whenever these things happen, the delightful sexual aspect of our encounter disappears immediately. So those times were the worst, but Irene has been more careful for many years.


Windy said...

Hi, Hermoine! I would say just in general in the past if it wasn't hard enough... still learning back then like Amy and Eric..... and last week, he broke a dowel rod on me. ROFL It was very thin and did not do much more than a slight sting, but I thought it was hilarious he broke it. He didn't think it was funny. Apparently, he's up to serious business back there!! lol

Anonymous said...

Now that's funny!

Happy Spankings :)


Anonymous said...

The worse spanking was not the spanking, it was the waiting. A woman I was dating found a spanking does me good, but did not last long, I thought it did. I messed up big time, thought I got away with it, until I saw that look on her face, dead give away. Her home was very nice and I had moved in about a week prior. When I hear from her Young Man I know, but she was having a couple of her friends over, they knew she spanked me and approved. She pointed to the corner, I looked at her and she said go stand facing the corner, I looked, and then did as told. She then seeing me in the corner told me to drop my pants, underpants, and hands at side. Your going to think about the spanking your getting. Her friends stayed about an hour, I stood there, each one mentioned that I must have been a very naughty little boy, they were told of what I did. Once they were gone, I had to stand before her, get a scolding and then she gave me the spanking over her lap. I was dancing around the room and said I did not like facing the corner, and others seeing me, I was back over her lap and told best not complain as my spanked bottom was stinging and very warm once she finished.